Temple Of Saints - Guide To Monaco

Here it is then, the Temple of Saints quick guide to the French Riviera with maps of Nice and Monaco, and more importantly, a quick guide to the pubs for that all-important pre-match larynx lubrication. So read on for the best way to enjoy the biggest Saints away party ever.
Thanks to Paula for the translations (and totally unbiased comments) on the pubs.


Assuming you all know how you're getting there, here are a few links about the city to help you out :
Nice Airport - Excellent site in English as well as French with maps of the airport and timetables for the shuttlebuses and trains to Nice and Monac.
Official Cote d'Azure Tourism Site - Plenty of information and maps on Nice and Monaco.
SNCF Timetables - Online timetables for planning Thursday's wee trip along the coast to Monaco (and back).
Map of Nice - Actually a fully interactive map - just enter a street name and get the map of the neighbourhood.
...Right on with the drinking guide..

Map of Nice (130K)

H1 - Hotel Rivoli (45 rue Pastorelli)
- Where I'll be based (not that anyone's really interested). More info here.
H2 - Hotel Vencome (27 rue Pastorelli)- Another hotel bulging with Saintees.

All information (badly translated using my Higher French and Babelfish at Alta Vista comes from Le Pitchoun - so blame them if the descriptions don't quite match what you find. Also because the maps don't cover street numbers, the bars actual position on the street labelled might be a wee bit dodgy. Just think of it as an adventure.
B1 - Scarlett O'Haras (22 rue de la droite)- Already a popular lady with Saints fans and it looks like this Irish theme bar may become the O'Malleys of Nice. However, the description says that Evenings are spent listening to quiet traditional Irish melodies by candlelight. - so possibly not a venue for a few dozen renditions of "Sit down if you hate Dundee".
B2 - Le Thor (Cours Saleya)- Apparently some sort of Viking-themed bar !!!
B3 - Le Bulldog (rue de l'Abbaye) - British pub. Not sure if this means it's an ex-pats haunt or what. Live band each evening
B4 - Chez Wayne (15 rue de la Prefecture) - A nice jovial British pub (to be avoided during certain rugby and football meetings!) - This looks to be a pretty good bet.
B5 - Le Big Ben (rue Alberti - Not sure what to make of this since the description in Le Pitchoun seems to make great mention of characters from the Avengers. Still it might mean Uma Thurmann stylishly clad young ladies. Or not.
B6 - Le Soccer (rue Rossetti) - Only mention I've seen of a footie-oriented bar. The clients are mainly young divorced men and men over 50 in need of Viagra.
B7 - Le Master Home (11 rue de la Prefecture) - Not sure about this one. Comments say that it has two types of client; school pupils trying to appear older and students trying to hold on to their youth.


Aaaah the Millionaires Playground. Assuming that Mr Coulthard or Ms Schiffer isn't putting any of us up, here's the handy map to find your way to the game.
For anyone wanting further information, check the links below :
AS Monaco Official Site - Full of Shockwave animations and takes ages to load but you can e-mail the players directly.
Monaco On-line - Official tourist site which contains plenty of Formula One info and details on tax rates - what weird interests these folk have.

Monaco Map (75K)

Drinkswise, there's not a lot happening - still for what it's worth here's what I've found on-line.
B1 - Stars 'n' Bars (6 Quai Antoine Ter) - Sounds American but the description mentions Ronaldo and Michael Schumacher so the prices may not be Perth level.
B2 - Le Jimmys (26 Ave. Princesse Grace) - This one mentions abusing Visa cards so again the kerry-oot might be more attractive. It's also miles away from the Stade Louis II).

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