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We Are Perth We Are Perth Fanzine
Gary Pantons Blue Heaven Site http://www.icperthshire.co.uk
Official Saints Site
St Johnstone Goal Archive Off the Ball
McDiarmid Park SFA LogoS.F.A.
www.supersainties.2ya.com St. Johnstone Video Highlights
West of Scotland Saints Surridge Sports Online Kit Supplier
Saintees of the World Unite - Fan Blog and Archive site  

Links To Other Football Sites


Scottish Football League
Official SPL site - Check the latest financial results
The Official Scottish Football Site - Excellent for Scottish info and commentaries.
Blue Wolf List of Footie Sites
UK Football Pages
Off The Ball Website
Scottish Football Ground Guide

Scottish + European Football

Scottish Football Association Official Site
Scottish Resource List - Links to Websites etc for Scottish Clubs
Dumbarton FC Unofficial Pages

The Purveyors Of Lies And Untruths - ie the media (except the PA of course)

http://www.s-un.co.uk/perthshire/advertiser/SPORT/index.html - Perths own class paper.

Daily Rangers and Sunday Mason- Glasgow tabloid in the worst sense of the word - dont look for much coverage here unless we sack a Rangers-associated manager.
Courier - Dundee daily with some coverage of Saints but usually only as a last thought after the Tinks from doon the Tay have been brown-nosed.
Evening Telegraph - the Dundee evening paper- some coverage of Saints but the site isn't updated very often.
Scotsman- Edinburgh daily broadsheet.
Sporting Life - Excellent coverage and frequent updates.
perth-adv@s-un.co.uk is the e-mail address for the Perthshire Advertiser. Go on write to them and tell them how wonderful Gordon Bannermans writing style is !!!

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