Temple Of Saints - Sacred Robes

2008-09 The new kit Back to a blue home kit with as modelled by Jody Morris with Chris Millar showing off the sky blue away shirt.
2007-08 Sorry, lost the image A new supplier and a white home kit modelled by Kevin Rutkiewicz and Willie Dyer
2005-2006 The 1st Division Look for 05-06 Kevin James in the new home strip on the right and Mark Campbell wears the new away strip (the one with all the fans names in the material). Again Megabus.com continue their sponsorship.
2002-2003 The 1st Division Look A new league, a new sponsor and a new home and away top modelled by new boys John Robertson and Ian Maxwell respectively. By the way the official description of the away top is "aqua". So there.
2001-2002 2001-2002 Away Fashion Another year another strip and 2001-2002 brings the new away top as modelled by Ross Forsyth
2000-2001 2000-2001 Fashion 2000-2001 sees a return to the white away top (here modelled by John Paul McBride) whilst the home strip stays mainly the same (as shown by Darren Dods). Still at least they've dumped the crap logo !!!
1999-2000 The new 3rd kit 1999-2000 For the 1999 European Campaign, Saints have elected to only introduce one new 3rd strip with the blue/white and all white kits of last season still set to adorn the players backs. Stuart McCluskey is pictured wearing the new all-yellow kit.
1998-1999 The New look Saints With the new sponsorship deal with Hydro-Electric finally concluded the Temple of Saints is proud to present the revised worshipful robes to be worn at all TFOD gubbings for the 1998-99 season. Striker Paddy Connolly pretends hes playing for Leeds in the mid-80s with the new away strip (not available until September) whilst a plasterless Jim Weir shows off the new home strip with a return to the traditional blue top with white shorts. This should be available by the end of this month. Alan Main models the goalies top which no-one will buy anyway.
1997-1998 Gautier visits McD Heres the pix youve been waiting for as John O'Neil puts his teeth in and Georgio puts his beer down to take time out to model the new strips for 97-98. Delboy models the new "pinstripe" home outfit whilst Georgio the new "Swedish" away style. No doubt Saints fans worldwide will be overjoyed to hear that the legendary "Ibrox" Teale and Magenta away outfit from last year is to be kept on as the 3rd choice strip. So thats only 70 quid to fork out on new tops.
The new strips are manufactured by Xara sportswear an English company whose biggest market is apparently the USA - hopefully that means that the strips will be available in sizes large enough to contain the average Saintee beergut. The strips will be out by end June tho dont expect them to be avaiable outside Perth cos we dont like religious bigotry.
In addition to these wonderful items the club has also mentioned a new line of leisurewear to be brought out as well. Time to start making out the Xmas lists. Any comments on the strip (complimentary or otherwise) can be sent to the manufacturers at their web sitehere

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