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The Surreal World of the Prospective Saintee and ex-Saintee........Season 2001-2002.

This page lists the details of those professionals who have been deemed possible disciples at McDiarmid (as inspired by the Great Striker Search of 97) but then vanished into the Twilight Zone of the Trialist. Also we look at the myriad of players the media have linked us with and the various transfer rumours which abound in the media (usually after we play the Old Firm) of players leaving the Hallowed Halls of Saintdom.
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Trialists - Check the names and excuses from the Great Saintee Search and see who's drinking the bars dry in the Perth hotels.

Who wants to be a Saintee - They might never have worn the top but they're still part of the Great Search (even if only in the fevered dreams of tabloid journos and agents).


Who ? Where Did This One Come From ? So What Happened? End Result?
Monsieur 4 Monsieur 4 France / Switzerland Trialist midfielder (wore the no 4 shirt) who played for about 70 minutes of the Allan Preston Testimonial
Nothing known except that he may be Swiss and may have played for AS Cannes. Went home on 25/03/01 but may be back over the summer.
Darren Jackson Darren Jackson Livvy + almost everywhere else. Well-travelled and a surprise Bosman signing at the start of the 2001-2002 season on a 1-yr deal - possibly has a lot to prove to the Saints fans as well. Freed by "Ambitious Livvy" last season he's been at the Arabs, TFOE, HIVBees and Jambos - like I said not the most popular player in the past with Saints fans. Became a Saintee
Rachid Djebaili Rachid Djebaili Noisy-le-Sec The unknown prospect for 2002. Apparently well-watched by Saints the 26-yr old attacking midfielder was signed under Bosman on 16/07/2001 after a week's trial. Previously played in Switzerland and last year for Noissy-le-Sec in France where he scored 10 goals in 29 appearances. Became a Saintee
No picture available Monsieur Frank ?? Unnamed French left-sided midfielder for July 2001. Actually we know his first name is Frank and that he's coloured - Played as a sub against Clyde then left. Not Good Enough
Benito Kemble Benito Kemble Free (ex-Well) Ex-Motherwell defender who on trial in July 2001. Played in a closed-doors game against Brechin. 32-yrs old he signed the day before the opening SPL match against Celtic. Became a Saintee
Marcus Stergiopolis Marcus Stergiopolis Lincoln City? 24-yr old (or possibly 28) Australian midfielder joined on trial in August 2001. Scored in a 6-0 win over Jeanfield Swifts. He's been around though and played with some English lower-league teams last season including Lincoln, Walsall and Notts Co. and has played for several clubs in Australia and New Zealand.
Kept on trial for a 2nd week but deemed rubbish.
Not Good Enough
No picture available Simon Osborn Wolves Midfielder who played on trial against the Pars in an U-21 match. 29-yr old he's been at Wolves until March last year when he was freed and went to Tranmere on loan. Let Go
No Picture available Ross Currie Rangers Youth player who's played a few trial matches for the U-21s. He's a 20-yr old left-sided midfielder / defender. Signed a short-term deal in Sept 2001. Became a Saintee
Gregory Campi Gregory Campi Bari, Lille, Rennes Born in Monaco, a 24-yr old French midfielder who played on trial against the Pars in an U-21 match on 27/08/01. Full name is Gregory Noel Campi. Played in Montreal last Spring but was freed. Let Go
Mark Lynch Mark Lynch Man Utd 20-yr old defender brought to Perth in October 2001 with a view to a loan deal. 5ft 11 and squad no 38. Became a Saintee
Roger Risholt Roger Risholt IK Start 22-yr old Norwegian midfielder who arrived at Saints on 26/11/01 for a weeks trial. Available under Bosman. Failed to impress in a closed-doors game and left a week later. Not Good Enough
Sammy Youssouf Sammy Youssouf Hvidovre 25-yr old Danish Striker over for a week's trial on 07/01/02. Scored 83 goals in 180 games for the Danish 1st Division side. He's 6ft 1 and according to the Hvidovre fans has been watched by Saints for the last 3 months.
Scored in a bounce game against St Midden on 14/01/02. Described as "promising" by Stark.
Left on 18/01/02 to return home with a deal still to be discussed.
Signed on 19/01/02 until the end of the season. Released in May.
Became a Saintee - then left
No Picture available Senor X Barcelona 28-yr old midfielder from a Spanish 1st Division club who played in a bounce match on 14/01/02.
Left on 18/01/02 to return home after Saints decided he was the wrong type of midfielder.
Not what we wanted

Signing Targets

Target Who is He ? Background End Result ?
Andy Dow Andy Dow Sheep Grapevine rumours in Dec 2000 have him targeted for a move to Saints at the end of the season.
Turned down a move to Saints in March 2001 where he would have moved as part of an exchange for Bollan.
After Aberdeen put him on the transfer list he's been linked with us again in May.
As of June rumoured to be signing for Well.
Went to Well
Layton Maxwell Layton Maxwell Liverpool / Stockport Welsh U-21 midfielder on loan from Liverpool to Stockport. St. Sandy rumoured to have watched him in action for Stockport reserves in April 2001. Born 3/10/79 he's 5ft 8 and described on the official Liverpool site as "the new Sammy Lee"
10/05/01 - came to Perth for a 2-day trial.
18/06/01 - Newspaper reports that he's set to sign a 2-yr deal this week - pity he went to Cardiff.
Went to Cardiff
Davie McFarlane Davie McFarlane Hamilton 22-yr old striker linked with Saints in a Retard report on 31/05/01.
07/06/01 - Rumours of a £50,000 bid appear in the papers. Denied by the club.
Grant Murray Grant Murray Hearts Left Tynecastle under Bosman at the end of May 2001 and having been another of St Sandy's Jambos youth team the 26-yr old defender has been linked with a move to Saints.
02/06/01 - Denied by Saints although the player has been in talks. Well also now said to be interested.
29/06/01 - Official club statement has him signing under Bosman within 24 hours subject to a medical.
Became a Saintee
Jim McIntyre Jim McIntyre Reading, Killie News of the World story on 03/06/01 links us with a move for him to shore up the strike force.
Denied by Saints on 05/06.
No picture Available Mr Anonymous Somewhere in Denmark An attacking midfielder being scouted by Atholl Henderson on 09/06/01 - no offer made. Not Good Enough
Willie Falconer Willie Falconer Scumdee, Well, Sellik and everyone else 35-yr old "veteran" striker linked with Saints on 10/08/01 as St. Sandy tries to sign some cover. Signed a one-month deal. Became a Saintee
Wellington Eduardo Apellido Sanchez Luzuriaga Wellington Sanchez Emelec (Ecuador) Wellington Eduardo Sanchez Luzuriaga is a 26-yr old central midfielder who currently plays for Emelec in Ecuador but has played in the US in the past. Reported in the Sun on 23/08 as being one of the targets Sandy watched in the Ecuador v Argentina game.
Denied by Saints on 28/08.
Juan Carlos Apellido Burbano de Lara Torres Juan Carlos Burbano El Nacional (Ecuador) Juan Carlos Burbano de Lara Torres to give him his full name is a 32-yr old defensive midfielder. Reported in the Sun on 23/08 as being one of the targets Sandy watched in the Ecuador v Argentina game.
Saints said on 28/08 they are trying to bring the player over.
03/09 - player said he won't come on trial but wants a permanent deal so the move looks dead.
Didn't want to come
Alan Combe Alan Combe Arabland 27-yr old ex-St Midden keeper linked with a move to Saints in Sept 2001 thanks to a Main injury. Rubbish
Andy Goram - He's Biiiiiig Andy Goram Everywhere Ex-Scotland keeper linked with a move to Saints in Oct 2001. Was originally targetted before Sandy's departure but with Alan Main's injury is being highlighted more. Crap
Brown Ferguson Brown Ferguson East Stirling Promising 20-yr old defender linked with us in summer of 2000. Report in News of the World on 09/12/01 suggest a deal could be done this week. Ongoing
Ian Maxwell Ian Maxwell Ross County Born in May 1975, he's a 6ft 3 defender linked with a move to Saints in May 2002.
Turned down Partick Thistle and signed for Saints on 16/05/2002
Became a Saintee
John Robertson John Robertson Ayr Utd Rumoured to be set to sign for Saints in May 2002. 26-yr old Irvine-born defender who's had 2 spells at Ayr as well as playing for Oxford and Stranraer. Can play at full-back or sweeper.
Out of contract at the end of the month - so expect a deal by the start of June.#
02/06/02 - News of the World reports a deal has been done.
Signed on 03/06/02
Became a Saintee
Mark Reilly Mark Reilly Killie / Airdrie 33-yr old ex-Killie and Airdrie player linked with a move in May 2002. A 5ft 8" tall defensive midfielder than anything else he was on loan from Killie to Airdrie last season before being injured. Worked with Billy Stark at Killie before. Vastly experienced and an ex-Scotland B international.
Signed a 1-yr deal on 06/06/02.
Became a Saintee

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