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The Surreal World of the Prospective Saintee and Transfer Target ........Season 2003-2004.

This page lists the details of those professionals who have been deemed possible disciples at McDiarmid (as inspired by the Great Striker Search of 97) but then vanished into the Twilight Zone of the Trialist. Also we look at the myriad of players the media have linked us with and the various transfer rumours which abound in the media (usually after we play the Old Firm) of players leaving the Hallowed Halls of Saintdom.
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Trialists - Check the names and excuses from the Great Saintee Search and see who's drinking the bars dry in the Perth hotels.

Who wants to be a Saintee - They might never have worn the top but they're still part of the Great Search (even if only in the fevered dreams of tabloid journos and agents).


Who ? Where Did This One Come From ? So What Happened? End Result?
Paul Bernard Paul Bernard Everywhere Reported to be on trial at McD on 07/07/03. Ex-Sheep and Oldham midfielder, the 30-yr old former Scotland cap was at Plymouth last season after a couple of years out with injury.
11/07/03 - trial was extended into a 2nd week. Scored 2 goals against Forfar and 2 days later signed a 1-yr deal.
Became a Saintee
Rudi Vata Rudi Vata Yokohama but mainly Celtic 34-yr old Albanian left-sided defender/midfielder who we all thought had just vanished after leaving Sellik umpteen years ago.
Popped up in the Saints reserves on 16/12/03 and has been training all week. Not the most inspiring of prospects.
January 2004 saw us trying to sign him but struggling with Japanese and / or Albanian red tape. - eventually signed on 14/01/04 until the summer.
Became a Saintee

Signing Targets

Target Who is He ? Background End Result ?
Stuart Taylor Stuart Taylor Partick 29-yr old midfielder ex or Airdrie and Falkirk who's currently at Partick. Linked with Saints in a no-fee deal in Jan 2004
Signed on 09/01/04 until the end of the season

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