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The Surreal World of the Prospective Saintee and ex-Saintee.........

This page lists the details of those professionals who have been deemed possible disciples at McDiarmid (as inspired by the Great Striker Search of 97) but then vanished into the Twilight Zone of the Trialist. Also we look at the myriad of players the media have linked us with and the various transfer rumours which abound in the media (usually after we play the Old Firm) of players leaving the Hallowed Halls of Saintdom.

If anyone has any more info / data on the players listed below (or names of new entries) e-mail me at webmaster@grange.demon.co.uk

Trialists - Check the names and excuses from the Great Striker Search. (Please note that the million anonymous Scandanavians we rejected are not included).

Who wants to be a Saintee - They might never have worn the top but they're still part of the Great Striker Search (even if it does include Barry Bloody Lavety for the nth time).

Leaving Rumours - Who's set to leave (or would have left if the papers had their way)


Who ? Where Did This One Come From ? So What Happened? End Result?
Sverrir Sverrisson Somewhere in Iceland (internationalist) His employers (and club sponsors) gave him a promotion in a saga of X-Files Conspiracy levels. Just as well we're not managed by Tommy Burns eh? Turned Saints Down
Chamu Musanhu Zimbabwe Midfield internationalist who was a big hit at McD and looked set to sign. Then he vanished. Totally. Really spooky. Now at Dynamos FC in Zimbabwe 1st Div. Vanished Without Trace
No Picture Available Mario Dorner Austria One of the legendary anonymous Austrians in the spring who eventually went to Motherwell on a 3-month deal because they offered more Schillings. Then got the boot. Tragic innit? Went To Motherwell
No Picture Available Fabrice Monakino French Winger As one of the first of the post-Bosman trialists Saints actually signed him for a month but then he got injured and the deal was off. Made one appearance on the subs bench INJURED
Simon Davey Preston North End Welsh midfielder who played one trial then vanished. REJECTED
No Picture Available Roger Guy Nzamba Trieste (Gabonese Internationalist) Played a few games then vanished. Despite the Italian tag, the player was in the lower divisions and was found to have scored only 4 goals in 3 years. REJECTED
No Picture Available Kai Aberlee Liberian (via Dundee Utd) The Arabs didn't want him so we gave him a go. Played OK / brilliant / crap depending on who you speak to. REJECTED
Tommy "Wolf" Wright
(actually signed!!!!)
Leeds / Bradford / Oldham Ex-Scotland U-21 (ie about 11 years ago) and played for Leeds, Leicester, Bradford and Oldham. Born in Fife but apparently a "Celtic man" (cue dodgy profile before the game on 27/12). Has signed till the end of the season. Any connection with TVs Gladiators is purely coincidental. Released on 03/03/98 after the signing of McMahon. BECAME A SAINTEE !!!! - Then got freed !!!!
Luis Cassule Angola / Portugal Set to sign for Saints having impressed on several occasions but then got injured in a reserve match. Was then found to have major nationality / passport problems which would have meant too much red tape. Last seen on trial for Kilmarnock reserves. INJURED - Then REJECTED
No Picture Available Eric Fortes Marseille Once seen in the West Stand at the end of the 96-97 season but then disappeared. REJECTED
No Picture Available Ze Armindo Portugal Unknown winger who trialed v Hearts reserves on 12/3/98. Previously on trial at Bolton. REJECTED
No Picture Available Rodrigo Maura Portugal See Ze Armindo above. REJECTED
No Picture Available Craig Ferdoz Brechin City Young striker linked by the Sun with both Saints and Scumdee. Seems set to join another lower Division Scottish Club instead. Turned Saints Down

Signing Targets

Target Who is He ? Background End Result ?
Lars-Gunnar Karlstrand Vastra Frolunda, the legendary Swedish moaners Epic 6-month saga which didn't go through due to muggings / Ted the Rottweiler / Dundee cake-loving mother (delete as applicable). Suffice to say if he ever plays against Saints we're talking Dallas levels of hate !! Kept the Courier in Saints stories for weeks. REJECTED (But Still Alive!!)
Tomas Rosenqvist Vastra Frolunda 22-yr old team-mate of Karlstrand but at least honest enough to admit he didn't want to move abroad. Turned Us Down
Barry Lavety St. Mirren in 96 and Hibs in 97. Turned us down in 96 on personal terms and moved to Hibs where due to injury and manager Jim Duffy seemed set to move to McD. Then suddenly Hibs were supposed to owe him money and the deal was off. He won't get a third chance. Turned Us Down Twice
No Picture Available Gary McSwegan Dundee Utd Part of the Great Striker Search of 97, ex-Hun McSwegan unfortunately hit form as we went for him. Rumour
No Picture Available Kevin Thomas Hearts Another target Luggy keeps aiming for but who keeps turning us down. Last seen in the Jambo / QPR reserves. Turned Us Down Twice
No Picture Available Jim Hamilton Hearts / Dundee depending on the paper. Sturrock made a move for the player when he was set to leave Scumdee but he picked the Gorgie Needle-Scarred instead. Turned Us Down
No Picture Available ONeil Donaldson Sheff. Wed Everyone thought this was a Scottish media joke (given that ONeil and Donaldson still played for Saints at the time), but the man does exist. Didn't sign though. REJECTED
Chris Freestone Middlesbrough Reserves Reserve striker who seemed to be getting lined up for a move North but then his a slump in form and Luggy got cold feet. REJECTED
Scott Taylor Bolton Reserves (See entry for Freestone). REJECTED
No Picture Available Tommy Coyne Motherwell Rumoured move as part of the Great Striker Search which dissipated quickly at the sight of the £500,000 price-tag for the 35-yr old. Rumour - False
Gary Bollan Evil Empire Current Rangers Reserve veteran (24) who couldn't agree personal terms (ie we asked him to wash). Interest by the media resurfaced after Callum went to Blackburn - Bollan eventually signed for £100,000. BECAME A SAINTEE !!!!
No Picture Available Stephen Boyack Evil Empire Rangers Youth Product (1985-1997) who decided he preferred cleaning McCoists boots. Turned Us Down
Thomas Andersson
(actually signed!!!!)
Vasteras (Sweden) Had a trial with Birmingham City and scored 2 in 2 games but decided to try his luck in Perth. Was actually watched by Luggy 18 months ago when he score a hat-trick !!! Signed till the end of the season. BECAME A SAINTEE !!!! - then freed.
No Picture Available Scott Booth Borussia Dortmund Ex-Aberdeen striker whos been rumoured to be signing for most of the Scottish Premier league in an effort to get first team football for the World Cup - last seen on loan to Utrecht. Rumour - went to Utrecht
No Picture Available Stevie Crawford Hibs Ex-Raith striker who is rumoured to be being lined up for the trip to Perth if Hibs go down Rumour
Sean Devine(he's the ugly one on the right) Barnet
(sponsored by Loaded hence the picture)
Totally unknown striker whos apparently rated at £500,000 according to the Sun. Given that the rumour surfaced the day we made 1.75m from the sale of Callum its not to be taken seriously.
Rejected by Luggy as too expensive.
No Picture Available Jamie McQuilken Hibs 99th-choice left-back becomes the first name in the "who's going to replace Callum" tabloid press rumour mill. Rumour
Paulo Dos Reis River Plate Argentinian midfielder who was on trial with Celtic and Man City. Played a closed-doors match v Forfar. 20yr old described as a Liam Brady left-sided player. Looks set to be offered a 1yr deal from 98-99.
Update - deal offered on 1 July.
Martine Gomez Rosario 18-yr old Argentinian striker from Independiente over to keep Dos Rais company. As of 19/02 negotiations had begun with their agents... Looks set to be offered a 1yr deal from 98-99 REJECTED
Scott Wilson Rangers 22/02 story in News of the World expects us to make moves for the Rangers youth product. Latest is that he has requested a transfer but seems set to move to QPR or Huddersfield.
No Picture Available Pablo Modica Rosario Central Argentinian youth player (6ft 2 winger) who's interesting Saints. Looks set to be signed on loan until the end of the season before a long-term decision is made.
Like Dos Reis, a deal was offered for one year in July 98 subject to work permits etc.
Gerard McMahon Gerard McMahon Stoke City 25yr old, 5ft 11 N Ireland winger whos played for Spurs. A fee of £85,000 has been agreed and only personal terms need to be discussed. BECAME A SAINTEE !!!!
Davide Xausa No Fixed Abode Canadian striker who was on trial with Stoke. Signed till the end of the season. Only 22 hes rated as one of their rising stars and has been capped at U-20 and U-23 level. He also turned down Sporting Lisbon to go to Uni in the States. BECAME A SAINTEE !!!!
Paddy Connolly Airdrie The one we keep on trying to sign but still prefers Airdrie to Perth. Ex-Arab kid who Luggy rates highly. Update on 13/03/98 has him set to sign in a £300,000 deal. Signed on 14/3 for 250,000 on a 3 yrs deal. BECAME A SAINTEE !!!!
No Picture Available Amani Dove AZ No details but wages are a major problem Rumour - False
No Picture Available Robert van der Weert AZ No details but wages are a major problem Rumour - False
Marcel Keizer Carbuur Dutch 2nd Division and 29 yr old midfielder - out of contract in summer 98 so a possible target. Rumour - False
Frank Berghuis Carbuur Dutch 2nd Division and 24 yr old left-winger - out of contract in summer 98 so a possible target. Rumour - False
Rene van Rijswijk Carbuur Dutch 2nd Division and 26 yr old winger - out of contract in summer 98 so a possible target. Rumour - False
No Picture Available Mark Perry Dundee Utd Pure Perth rumour that the 25-year old central defender will move to McD on freedom of contract in the summer.
No Picture Available Grant Brebner HIVBees / Man Utd Latest rumour from the media with Saints in the running to land the £200,000-rated midfielder. Turned Us Down
No Picture Available Laurent Djaffo Ayr United. Rumour in the Sunday Mason.
No Picture Available Andonis Damigos Somewhere in Greece - Apollonia Athinan if WWW research is correct. Greek defender whos now a free agent. According to the Sun he's flown to Perth to join the boys for pre-season training.
Darren Dods Daren Dods Hibs (under Bosman) Rumour has it that the HIVBee defender will sign by the end of June
Signed a 3-year contract with the Forces of Light on July 1st.
No Picture Available Gary McSwegan Dundee Utd Available under the Bosman ruling in September the ex-Rangers striker is rumoured to be a Luggy target.

Leaving Tales

Player Off To ? The Truth Has He Gone Yet ??
Callum Davison
(actually signed!!!!)
Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Bolton, Spurs, Wolves, both Sheff clubs.....so far (also a joint move to Sheff Wed with Phizzy). Despite speculation regarding a move to the OF Callum signed for Blackburn Rovers on 10th Feb 98 for £1.75million. He's been watched by most of the clubs mentioned and it has to be said that Saints look set to lose him at some point in the future for £1m+. Selection for the France 98 squad would probably finalise things. (update after Hearts match on 12/01 - valuation now £3m - Courier). Yes - Boo Hoo.
George O'Boyle Summer 97 - Hibs and Hearts. Also Celtic (according to the Star). As of March 98 Dundee Utd were in the running - denied later by the Gerbil. What do you think? It was a v-e-r-y slow news day. As to the Arabs story Luggy said that there was "nothing concrete" in it - make of that what you will. No
Roddy Grant Motherwell as part of a swap deal for Tommy Coyne Bollocks. Even Luggy knows a Legend cannot leave. No
Alan Main Celtic As part of the Scott, Main and Georgio deal after we played them in August. Total crap but some journalists need any rumours. No
Philip Scott Celtic, Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed. Celtic was part of the Saints Trio deal in August. More probable is a move to England with several scouts watching Phizzy so far this season. No
Danny Griffin Derby, Notts Forest, Liverpool, Celtic Had the same speculation about his future that Davison is getting just now and was the target of a £1m bid from Derby in Summer 96 which he turned down as he felt it wasn't the right move at the time. No
Gary Farquhar Teuchter Land Very likely to happen as for some strange reason Luggy doesn't like to play him. Yes (9 months later)
Attila Sekerlioglou Saarbrucken Latest Sunday rumour from the Hunday Mason.
Eventually left on a free in June 1998.
Steve Tosh Raith Rovers Story in the Sun on 19/3 said that Raith were preparing to sign Tosh for a "knock-down" price. Tosher has trained with the club but no deal has been struck yet. Eventually went on 31/3/98 for £30K. Yes
Alan Kernaghan Reading Sun story with new Royals boss Tommy "eeeeeeehh" Burns apparently set on signing Father Dougal in the summer.
Gary Farquhar Cogeyland Rumoured subject of a bid from the Scum prior to the March 98 deadline but Luggy refused to sell.
Leigh Jenkinson Breda, Nijmegen Out of contract in June 98 and already linked with a possible move to a dutch club.
Eventually joined Wigan in June 98.

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