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Here we go then. From an initial idea on the Official Saints Site Fan's Forum, the Temple is proude to introduce the Rogue's Gallery to give you a chance to put a face (and whatever else) to the email addresses / nicknames of the other Saints fans the world over. If you want to be included, simply send a photo of yourself (keep it to under 50K otherwise I'll edit it) and some info to rogues@grange.demon.co.uk

Mugshot Name Email Address Where in the World Details
Richard Yours Truly webmaster@grange.demon.co.uk Edinburgh Designer and owner of the Temple of Saints
Mad Momo Dave Low Dave Low Perth Former editor of the J-Files and carrot-topped misser of major Saints games. Also known as Mad Momo, Ginge etc. The current head honcho when it comes to all things Saints programme related - editor, layout designer, censor etc.
Kevin Giles Kevin Giles Kevin Giles Perth Tannoy man at McDiarmid Park for the 2004-5 season. Can be heard on Hospital Radio Perth (if you are unlucky enough to be staying there!) as well as being Sports Editor there.
Perry Johnstone Perry Johnstone PJohnstone@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au Sydney, Australia This pic was taken in Vanuatu in 2001, the date on it is wrong, I fell asleep on the beach still pissed from the night before so that is why I am so red looking.
I still think Im better looking then dazza and kano I hope
Where am I from: Our family is from Scone, now it's Sydney for me, and back to Scone for the others
Occupation: Film Liason Officer for Sydney City Council, basically every film or television show that is made here using the city CBD, I have to give approval to. Currently Matrix two and three is being filmed here, and the last Star Wars film was also shot here.
Wendy Brto Wendy Brto wndybrto@hotmail.com USA Long-time contributor to the Official site forum.
Eddie Strang Steel Eddie Strang Steel edstrangsteel@btopenworld.com Galashiels Eddie used to be the Tannoy guy at McD
Gary Campbell Gary Campbell ga1ry@ukonline.co.uk Maryburgh Saints most northerly fan? Quote from his email - "My name is Gary Campbell and i live in Maryburgh, which is 1 mile away from Dingwall, up in the Highlands. I go to the majority of saints games which is a 2 hour trip each way. I am Saints daft and i have the club badge tatoo'd on my left arm. I t would be great to be included on a saints site as the net is the easiest way for me to keep up with all the Saints news and gossip as i do not live in the Perth area. "

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