Welcome to theYear 2001 Temple Of Saints Survey Awards (TOSSAs). Now in their 4th year and voted on by the Saints mailing list and via this Web Site, you can see what we thought of the events over the last looooong season. If you can be bothered previous awards can be found here for 1997-98, here for 1998-99. and here for 2000-01

The nominations are divided into 5 categories The Season, The Players, The Cult Heroes, The Media, Off The Park and finally The Future. Many thanks to everyone that caused me loads of work totalling the scores by taking the time to vote. Not too many surprises but the usual weird votes. Right tuxedo on and let's see what's in the gold envelopes.

The Season





And the Winner Is...

(2000 TOSSA in brackets)



The "1997 New Year's Day Commemorative Gubbing" Award for Best Home Performance

Medal 60 2-1 win over Rangers
(38 Votes)
(3-3 Draw with Monaco)
No Euro glory tie this year so we all settled for the live TV win over TFOD back in the Autumn.
Other votes went to the Hibs 2-0 win (10 votes), the 0-2 Celtic defeat and the 2-2 St Mirren game and 1-0 Arabs win. There wasn't much else to be happy about really.

The "Any Trip to Dens Park" Award for Best Away Performance

Medal 60 3-0 win over Hearts
(34 Votes)
(0-3 v Monaco)
Another obvious candidate with the demolition of the Jambos a clear winner - who can forget Paddy scoring 2 goals in a game !!!!
Elsehwere and the votes went to the 2-1 win over the Arabs at the start of the season, the draw at Dens and the Well and Killie wins. Best vote though "Any game where Saints play"

The "Let's Ban Sky" Award for Worst Home Performance

Medal 60 2-3 v Arabs
(20 Votes)
(0-0 draw with Killie)
The last home game of the season and we throw it all away in front of grinning tinks who then invade the pitch.
Second place with 16 votes was the 3-0 defeat to the Dons (ably assisted by Mike McCurry).
Other nominations included the defeats to Pars, Killie, Well, Scumdee and Hibs. Weirdest one though has to be the confused person that voted for the 2-1 win over Rangers.

The "Ochilview" Award for Worst Away Performance

Medal 60 4-0 defeat to Motherwell
(28 Votes)
(1-2 defeat v Motherwell)
Another outright winner with "arguably the worst performance since Stenhousemuir" walking away with almost half the votes and proving that Fir Park is fast becoming a jinxed ground.
2nd place went to the Pars cup-tie. Apart from that the other votes were all single-figures including all the OF games, Pars 0-0 draw and St Mirren defeat.

The "Who Needs a Striker Now?" Certificate for Goal of the Season

Medal 60 Momo v Rangers
(30 Votes)
(Bollan's long-ranger v Dundee)
Half the vote easily sees the 2nd goal and winner over TFOD get the award.
Otherwise the nominations were divided fairly evenly over Kiegans 2nd at Rugby Park in the 2-0 win, Tommy's goals v Hibs, McClunes v the Arabs, MoMos v Hearts at the end of December. Also included were Kernaghans specatcular shot to open the season, Paddy's wonderstrike at Tynecastle and JR's long-range volley against St. Mirren.

The "Craig Brown Selection" Medallion for Save of the Season

Medal 40 Main v Lilley 2nd home Utd match
(15 Votes)
(Main in Monaco)
Fewer votes for the saves although there were some laughs amongst the votes. The clear winner was Mains save in the last home game against the Arabs.
2nd place was the save from Cannigia in the Dundee game and also the save from Peter Lovenkrands against TFOD.
In the funnies we had "Main made a save?", "Kevin Thomas catching George O'Boyle's septum before it reached the floor" and "Nick Summersgill saving the club from having to shell out any more wages on those two losers O'Boyle and Thomas "

The "Gerry McMahon Injury" Scroll for Biggest Disappointment of the Season

Medal 60 Finishing 10th
(13 Votes)
(Rotten Cup Runs)
Fairly predictable amongst all the nominations was the league position at the end of the season
2nd place went to not making the top 6 whilst 3rd was shared by the drugs scandal and the Scottish Cup defeat. Others voted for included the poor performances in the 2nd half of the season, not beating Scumdee, Scumdee making the top 6, losing 2-goal leads and the one I think sums it up - "Saints"

The "Makes It All Worthwhile" Award for Most Satisfying Moment or Event

Medal 60 Beating the Huns
(12 Votes)
(Putting 3 past Barthez)
Yet again we settle for beating one half of the OF to cheer us up.
Plenty of other nominations though including the performance of the youngsters, Momo's entertaining antics, winning on TV for a change, the handling of Charliegate, Biscuits testimonial and the last gasp o.g. draw v Dundee at Dens.

The "Better Than The Pub" Award for Team Giving Most Entertainment Value

Medal 60 Hibs
(20 Votes)
Just beating Celtic by 2 votes which is probably more anti-Celtic than pro-Hibs.
Elsewhere Scumdee, the Arabs, St Midden, Pars, Killie and Hearts all picked up votes with some of the St Midden votes citing Paisley Panda as the reason.
There was a solitary vote for Cowdenbeath and best one "Rangers when they lose"

The "Boghead Drainage System" Memorial Award for Best Away Ground

Medal 60 Parkhead
(15 Votes)
(Stade Louis in Monaco)
Just as well we're going there for the start of the season as Celtic win through again although personally I'd prefer never to hear the half-time Irish folk-singing.
2nd place was Dens Park and 3rd Rugby Park both of which have been happy hunting grounds recently. Others nominated included Ibrox, Easter Rd, Tynecastle (even allowing for us getting chucked into the deathtrap of an old stand), Love Street and East End Park.

The "OF Domination" Plaque for the Best Thing to Happen to Scottish Football

Medal 60 Hibs Challenging OF
(12 Votes)
(Caley beating Celtic)
Heaps of nominations but the Hibs challenge over the season was the clear winner.
2nd place went to Rangers not winning the league whilst anti-OF and Dundee dominated the rest of the nominations. Outside of these we had Momo, "Roddy getting the 3rd Div player of the year", youngsters getting a chance and Jim McLean's punch-up with John Barnes.

The "Sacking of Totten AntiChrist" Award for the Worst Thing to Happen to Scottish Football

Medal 60 OF Domination of League
(14 Votes)
(OF Domination of League)
No change there then with the SPL still suffering from the greedy bigots.
2nd place went to the Arabs staying up (which unfortunately we managed to help) and 3rd was shared between Celtic's treble win and Dundee.
Others nominated were the Charlies, SPL spolit, Referees, and the financial plight of Airdrie, Morton and the Bankies.

The "Embassy Regal / Roddy Grant" Award for the Most Saintee-esque Moment of the Season

Medal 60 Letting in the 3rd against Utd
(15 Votes)
(Saints making an Arse of the Rangers game)
Fairly clear-cut again with the disappointment of the last home game still fresh in the minds.
2nd place went to the habit of leading 2-0 several times during the season but still not winning whilst 3rd was the wonderful night in the fog that was meant to be the first pay-per-view game.
Other votes went to penalty misses, losing the cup replay, sacking the Charlies and still getting slagged in the media, drowning out the Dundee singing when they were trying to record the fans.
My personal favourite though was "Bank card being eaten 10 minutes before kick off, leaving me penniless, having to scrounge of random folk to get in "...aye it's tough being a Saintee at times.

The "Rolf Harris" Grammy for Song/Chant of the season

Medal 50 ''Marco, Marco"
(11 Votes)
(Tax dodging bastards)
Despite some people bemoaning the lack of a decent song last season, Marc McCulloch's antics behind the wheel managed to inspire the fans at East End Park.
2nd place went to "Sign on" as sung towards any west coast team whilst the Sammy the Tammy paedophile song picked up 3rd.
Other nominations went to "Mo Mo Super Mo", "Oh Tommy, Tommy..", "Who let the sheep/tinks out" and "We can see you sneaking out" as sung to the Rangers fans in the 2-1 win.

The "Penalty At Ibrox Miracle" Award for Best Ref of the Season

Medal 60 George Clyde
(12 Votes)
(John Rowbotham)
After a season like that it was surprising we managed to vote for a winner by George Clyde came through ahead of Dougie McDonald who had 10 votes.
Otherwise the votes were scattered over the usual suspects with the only surprise being the 4 mental cases that voted for Mike McCurry.

The "Aw no him" Award for Worst Ref of the Season

Medal 60 Shuggy Dallas
(22 Votes)
(Stuart Dougal)
.A clear winner thanks to some crazy decisions over the season (remember the red card for Weir on the stretcher).
2nd place and a mile back was John Rowbotham with 9 votes. Others nominated included almost every other ref that we had over the season.

The "Fergus hates Farry" Medal for Most Loathed Person / Institution of the Season

Medal 58 O'Boyle / Thomas
(16 Votes)
(Rangers F.C.)
The first winner for the Charlies and the voting showed the depth of feelings about the conduct of the druggies since Xmas.
Apart from that it was the traditional targets that picked up the votes - Shuggy Dallas Hugh Keevins, Dundee, Gordon Smith, TFOD, TFOE, the OF were all nominated. Also mentioned were Rick McAnulty and the SPL Drugs Committee.

The "Chic Young Loves Me" Survey for SuperSaint

Medal 60 Good (36 Votes )
Bad (24Votes )
(Last year 44 / 11
The anti-mascot vote starts to come through but perhaps that's due to the entertainment we get from the other grounds - both St Midden and the Pars at least have animals to give the away fans a laugh (and no I don't mean Turner and Petrie).

The Players





And the Winner Is...



The "John Brogan Memorial" Award for Best Saints Player This Season

Medal 60 Momo
Momo Sylla

(36 Votes)
(Danny Griffin)
A walkover for the Guinean who's probably provided us with the only real entertainment over the season. It just goes to show how much impact he's managed to make in such a short time from the appearance at the Norwich game last summer.
2nd place went to Kiegan with 10 votes whilst 3rd was the Pope with 8.
Not too many nominations with the only others deemed worthy of the award being Tommy, Stuart McCluskey, Nick Dasovic and Ross Forsyth.
Interesting to see the lack of votes for Main or Weir - end of an era?

The "Andy Brannigan Understudy" Award for Worst Saints Player This Season

Medal 60 Gary Bollan
Gary Bollan

(23 Votes)
(Gerry McMahon)
Another clear winner with Lardboy shining through (or not) with his apathetic performances and contract whinges since Xmas alienating the fans. Probably all summed up by the Aberdeen defeat and the boos that greeted him. Good riddance.
2nd place went to O'Boyle with Thomas 3rd both for pretty obvious reasons. Other nominations included Michael O'Neill, Stephen Frail, Graeme Jones, Jim Weir, Sean Evers, Paul Kane and Paddy.

The "Vinny Arkins £5m In A Few Years" Award for the Most Improved Saints Player This Season

Medal 55 John Paul McBride
John Paul McBride

(21 Votes)
(Keith O'Halloran)
Just beating Kiegan and a deserved award for the Pope whose performances in midfield since his red card at the start of the season have given us hope that the midfield general is finally here.
2nd place was Kiegan with the top scorer getting 19 votes. Other nominations went to Forsyth and McClune whilst votes also came in for Tommy, McCluskey, Marco and Paddy Connolly.

The "Fat Keepers Memorial Rolex" Award for the Best Ambassador for the Club

Medal 60 Capn Jim
Jim Weir
(20 Votes)
(Jim Weir)
4th in a row and getting predictable as the club captain walks the award again. Perhaps not the best of seasons on the park but his dedication hasn't wavered (check the beating up of the Arab fan or the singalong at Biscuit's testimonial dinner for an example).
2nd place went to Geoff Brown with 13 votes - mainly due I expect to the club's handling of Charliegate.
Others nominated included Nick Summersgil, Aggie, Dasovic, Main, Parker, Forsyth, and Sandy Clark.
Weirdest vote went to "George O'Boyle"

The "Marble Staircase Story Revisited (Again)" Award for the Biggest Embarrassment for Saints

Medal 60 Charlie O'Boyle
George O'Boyle

(28 Votes)
(Gerry McMahon)
Almost half the total to one of the drug addicts although he was also included in a joint nomination with the other druggie. Not much to say except he let us all down.
Others voted for included Bollan, Marc McCulloch, "The Injury List" and a single vote for Sandy Clark.

The "I Cant Be Bothered Typing Dinos Name Out In the Match Reports" Award for the Best Nickname of the Season

Medal 47 Charlie O'BoyleCharlie Thomas
(14 Votes)
(Kiegan "Nosey" Parker)
Yet again dominated by a certain off the park scandal.
2nd place went to the fairly unimaginative "MoMo" with 10 votes.
Others nominated included "Zammo", JR, Rab the Scab, Marco, Troy, Flash, Le Mo and Pope.

The "Chirpy Cheeky Chick Charnley Red Card" Award for the Funniest Moment of the Season

Medal 51 JR's celebration against the Arabs
(12 Votes)
(Moravcik getting sent off)
Well it was funny at the time - pity it backfired later in the game though.
Bit of a dearth of fun this year. 2nd went to the pay-per-view game being called off. Other nominations included Rangers losing everything, outsinging Dundee, Paisley Panda, Jim Weir's stewarding of the Arabs pitch invasion, Kernaghan playing up front as a striker.
One vote summed it up though - "Hasn't been a funny season"

The "Fererro Rocher 'With These Players You Are Spoiling Us" Award for the Ideal Saints Side

Medal 58 Main, McClune, Forsyth, Weir, Dods, Lovenkrands, Hartley, Sylla, McBride, Parker, Jones
(Main, Chief, Blaster, Danny, Jimbo, Del, Dasovic,Kano, Lowndes, Parker, Tommy Lovenkrands)
A much more varied list of team selections this year which reflects the poor form we've had. Most went for a 4-4-2 formation and a fairly attacking one at that.
Main was the first choice of everyone and both Flash and Troy were by far the majorty of picks for full-back (Lardboy only picked up 1 vote). In the middle there's a bit more variety - Crozier, McCulloch and Dasovic were all nominated regularly along with Russell on the wings .
Interestingly there were hardly any votes for Paul Kane.
Up front Parker and Jones were the favourites although a Jones/Russell combination was also popular. Paddy got some votes but interestingly there were hardly any for Nathan Lowndes (remember voting opened before he left).

The "Almost fit to lace Roddy's boots" Medallion for Best non-Saints Player in the Scottish League

Medal 60 Henrik Larsson
(39 Votes)
(Billy Dodds )
No real surprises but the size of the vote is frightening.
2nd place with 10 votes was Delboy whilst Albertz, Sauzee, Juan Sara and Agathe also got nominations
BTW to the person that voted for Roddy Grant - Brechin ain't in the SPL.

The "Oleg Salenko" Medallion for Worst non-Saints Player in the Scottish League

Medal 58 Mark "Fatter than Bollan" Yardley
(13 Votes)
(Barry "Overrated Twat" Ferguson)
Plenty of votes here with Yardley just beating Caniggia (or Canigula as someone referred to him). All the more worrying that Yardley scored against us last year then isn't it.
Lots of other nominations including Lee Wilkie (og specialist), Vega, Ricksen, Aljofree, PRessley, Bollan (!), Thomas (!), McQuillan, Petric, Tweed amongst others.
Strangest vote went to"All Celtic keepers for keeping Main out of the Scotland squad"

Cult Heroes +Those Who Left





And the Winner Is...



Nathan Lowndes
Favourite NathanMoment

Medal 58 Goals v Hibs in League Cup Qtr Final 1998
(15 Votes)
He may have left under a cloud but there were plenty of good memories from the Ginger one. 2nd place was the goal against the Arabs this season and 3rd was the goal in Vaasa last year.
Other votes went to the goals at Rugby Park, setting up the 3rd in the League Cup semi match, and the late equaliser against TFOD last season.
Weirdest vote had to be "Sitting next to him at the Phantom Menace - he had a light sabre"

Father Dougal
Favourite Kernaghan Moment

Medal 50 Goal at Ibrox July 2000
(24 Votes)
Plenty of nominations but the spectacular volley / overhead/ scissors kick to put us in front at Ibrox wins through.
2nd place went to the legendary O'Malleys bar and his shall we say emotional state.
Other memories included the fact he even signed for us, his shouting, PR work for the club and loads of others. Best one for me though was the vote for "His Dives"!?!?!?!

Charlie Thomas
Favourite ThomasMoment

Medal 40 None
(23 Votes)
Well he started well enough but injury and an overlong spell in a toilet cubicle means there's not many memories of the Messiah.
2nd vote went to his Pittodrie goal last season but to be honest there's not many good memories. "Him leaving", "His droopy pose in the News of the World" and other post-CharlieGate images seem to be how he'll be remembered.

Charlie O'Boyle
Favourite O'Boyle Moment

Medal 58 Long-Range Goal v Well
(13 Votes)
Another that left under a cloud but at least some are willing to remember the good times. 2nd place went to the 2nd goal v TFOD in the 2-0 win (the first for 29 years) and others mention the 10-minute hat-trick v Morton, the League Cup Final.
But CharlieGate's still there and there were votes for ""His excuses for being such a pillock", "Him leaving" and the slightly obscure "Wandering lonely as a cloud, around the parks of Tulloch"

Gary Bollan
Favourite BollanMoment

Medal 58 Any of the Free-Kicks
(16 Votes)
Despite his poor performances this season it seems that Saints fans will always remember the long-range efforts that gave Blaster his nickname.
2nd place was the goal against Scumdee last season whilst 3rd went to the goal against Killie in the 1-1 game at the end of the 1998-99 season that set us up for Europe.
Of course this season isn't too easy to forgive and votes came in for "Him leaving" and "Getting punted by Hearts before he even signed"

The County Sports Home Strip NameCheck for the Cult Hero of 2000-2001

Medal 60 Momo
Momo Sylla

(35 Votes)
(Keith O'Halloran)
Well how predictable was that? Wins by a mile again with second-placed Tommy Lovenkrands and Pope (with 8 votes each) well behind.
Others nominated were Paul Kane, Jim Weir, JR and Kiegan Parker.

The East Stand Moaners Selection for Cult Hero of 2001-2002

Medal 56 Momo
Momo Sylla

(15 Votes)
(Tommy Lovenkrands)
Looks like MoMo is our hope for entertainment next year as well then although the votes were a bit more evenly distributed this time.
2nd place went to Tommy with 9 votes and 3rd was Pope with 8.
Other votes went mainly to the youngsters with JR, Marco, Kiegan, Forsyth and McClune all mentioned.
Weirdest votes though had to be for "The new Mrs Lovenkrands" and my favourite "The foreigner that's still to sign for us"

The Media





And the Winner Is...



The "Danny Griffin Namecheck" Award for Best National Newspaper Coverage

Medal 50 Sun
(16 Votes)
( Sun)
Still favourite and still wins just ahead of the "All Crap" category.
Plenty of other nominations with the Retard 3rd and Scotsman 4th. Other names mentioned were the Courier, PA, Sporting Life, Sunday Mail, Daily Express and the Press & Journal.

The "Jim Griffin Namecheck" Award for Worst National Newspaper Coverage

Medal 50 Daily Record
(23 Votes)
(Daily Record)
4th in a row for Wegielands biggest bunch of pillocks.
2nd place and well behind was the Sun whilst other votes went to the Times, News of the World, Sunday Mail, Scotsman, Daily Star, Daily Mail and Sunday Post.

The "Sky Comes to McD" Award for Best TV/Radio Saints Coverage

Medal 54 Radio Scotland
(22 Votes)
(Radio Scotland)
No change here again with the only real live match coverage winning through despite still having Smith and McLeod as pundits.
2nd place went to Sportscene with 20 votes and Sky third with 8. A couple of votes to Tay FM but the real surprise was Scotsport only picking up 2 votes.

The "Cover the OF Instead" Award for Worst TV/Radio Saints Coverage

Medal 53 Scotsport
(26 Votes)
Another walkover for STV - must admit I rarely bother watching it now but comments suggest that showing less than 2 minutes of action from non-OF games appears to be the main moan.
2nd place went to Scot FM whilst others nominated included Tay FM, Radio Scotland and a surprising 12 votes for Sky.

The "Muirton Park Press Card 92-93" Award for Media Falsehood of the Year

Medal 36 Peter / Tommy Lovenkrands
(20 Votes)
(Keevins Shite)
A real lack of major falsehoods this season but Chic Youngs post-match presentation of the Man of the Match award to "Peter, I mean Tommy" Lovenkrands beats the so-called exclusive story about the Wisemans buying out Geoff.
3rd place was the rubbish in the papers criticising Father Dougal for wearing gloves whilst Momo's continual changing nationality also gained a few nominations.

Pundit / Reporter of the Year

Medal 53 Bob Crampsey
(16 Votes)
(Bob Crampsey)
Now retired from radio but he'll be sadly missed as Bob Crampsey keeps his award for the 2nd year in a row.
2nd place was Stuart Cosgrove whilst other votes went to Willie Miller, Chic Young, Gordon Bannerman, Bill Leckie and Richard Gordon amongst others.

The "Gerry" Hall of Fame for Worst Pundit / Reporter

Medal 51 Gordon Smith
(18 Votes)
(Hugh Keevins)
""007% - Licensed to hype" wins through as the agent with an amazing tendency to talk up his own clients on radio pissed us all off last season.
2nd place went to Murdo McLeod who managed to slag Saints off for taking action at Charliegate. Other votes went to the usual suspects - Keevins, McNee, Young, Spiers, Traynor and Leckie.

The "Almost as Popular as the Pammy Video" Scroll for the Best WWW Site of the Season

Medal 46 Saints Official Site
(18 Votes)(All Saints)
Despite some criticism during the voting for the frequency of updates the official site seems to be favourite non-Temple source of team info.
2nd place went to From the Terrace whilst joint 3rd was Blue Heaven and
Others mentioned included Soccernet, Off The Ball, Soccerbase, the PA, and even a vote for the Temple.

The "I'm not interested in the Tannadice job" Award for Quote of the Season

Medal 40 "I really love the club and want to stay" - N. Lowndes.
(8 Votes)
("These Things Even Themselves out over the season" - J. Barnes)
Nathan's insincerity shines through to take first place this year although there weren't that many decent quotes over the season.
2nd place went to the "drunken curiosity" excuses by the druggies in the News of the World whilst 3rd was Radio Scotland's classic "Europe is running scared of Rangers now".
Best one though came from a press conference and "I don't give a fucking fuck" - Sandy Clark when a journo tried to tell him about a Huns result in Europe, same night Celtic beat us in the torrential rain....

The "This is Better Than Going To The Game" Medal for Best Subject of Season 2000-2001 on the Mailing List

Medal 16 Tommy and Liz McDonald
(7 Votes)
Right this gets dumped for next years Tossas as apathy reigns. Still first place went to the great urban legend story from this years close season.
Others mentioned included Wegie Songs, Slagging Gary Bollan, Nicknames and "Robert Thomsons deluded rants"

Off the Park





And the Winner Is...



The "Aggies Army" List of Season Ticket Holders

Medal 60 Yes - 42
No - 18
Still roughly the same split as last year.

The "Sit Us Amongst The Bigots" Roll of Season Ticket Holder Renewals for 2000-01

Medal 60 Renew - 36
No -6
Well season ticket sales are looking set to take a tumble but given the lack of a decent deal and the cost of the games is it any real surprise?

The "Let them eat Pie" Barometer of Club / Fan Relationships for Last Season

Medal 60 Improved - 32
Improved Slightly - 8
No Change - 5
Worsened - 15
It couldn't have gotten much worse really but it should be worrying for the club how many fans still think the PR situation is getting worse.
Having said that, CharlieGate, contracts and Marco haven't exactly made things too easy for the board.

The "Worse Ratings than the SPL" PR Marks out of 10 Score

Medal 60 5.92 First time this year for this category - going by the votes there's still a lot of work to do.

The "Whitewash The Stand" List of Suggested Improvements to the Club

Medal Loads Improve the PR
(18 Votes )
(Employ a Commercial PR Person)
No change here but the list of nominations gets bigger every year.
2nd place went to price reductions with the cost / entertainment rating looking a lot worse. 3rd was "Better treatment for home fans" with the Arabs pitch invasion and the visits of the OF still cause for concern.
OIf the others listed most were to do with cost and / or attracting fans -
Season tickets to include cup games.
Be more open with the fans / respond more quickly to suggestions (aimed at the official websites forums)
Get the players doing more PR work
Better U-21 coverage
....oh yeah and a couple of votes for Stewart Duff to be sacked.

The CharlieGate PopQuiz - were we right to sack the druggies?

Medal 60 Yes - 55
No - 5
That even surprised me and hopefully it signifies some backing for the board over their policy - maybe someone should tell Murdo what we think?

The "Keep Gordon Smith in Nice Ties" Barometer of whether the club should break their wage policy?

Medal 60 Yes -12
No - 48
Looks like despite all the contract rows there's been as well as the "Ambitious Livingston" criticism that the fans still back the club against greedy players.

The "Alex Totten Bin Liner" Rating - should the manager go now?

Medal 60 Yes -15
No - 45
Interesting result - I honestly expected it to be much closer given some of the comments on forums and mailing lists. Still it looks like Sandy is safe until at least the autumn.

The "Sack the Board" Rating - should Geoff leave now?

Medal 60 Yes - 50
Maybe - 2
No - 8
Fairly predictable this with Geoff having the backing of by far the majority of fans. How much of this is also due to the lack of any backers coming forward to try and takeover the club remains to be seen.

The Future





And the Winner Is...



The "Roddy or Ronaldo?" List of Players Saints Should Sign

Medal Loads Top 3 are ::
Ricky Gillies

(12 Votes)
Stevie Crawford
(10 Votes)
Eoin Jess
(5 Votes)
(Lovenkrands, Russell, Gillies).
Christ but we're an unimaginative lot as the same faces crop up year after year. As well as the 3 listed names included Roddy (as usual), Grant Brebner, Lee Makel, David Moss, Junior Mendes, Davie Nicholls, Stephen McGarry, Tommy Johnson, Billy McKinlay, Craig Easton, Layton Maxwell, Cocard, Stavrum , Bingham and countless others.
Of unnamed players we had 5 votes for "the no 4 from the Biscuits testimonial" whilst best one for me was "Any of Momo's international teammates"

The "Mystic Aggie" Prediction List for Next Season

Medal 60 League Cup ::
3rd Round / Qtr Final

(17 Votes)
Scottish Cup ::
Qtr Final

(20 Votes )
(4th Round)
Premier League ::
(19 Votes)
One thing's for sure nobody is certain how we're going to do with predictions scattered along every league position and cup round.
League Cup sees a tie with most hopeful of another decent run (a la 1998) although 4 people are convinced we're going out early whilst 3 think we'll win it.
The Scottish Cup is similar with most going for the Qtr Final followed by the semi or 4th round. Again a similar number opted for the early departure and a couple think we'll have glory at Hampden next May.
As for the league - well one person thinks we'll win it, nobody thinks we'll go down but 4 think we'll finish 11th. The majority go for 5th. though with the next popular being 4th and 6th.

The "Chic Young Streaker Threat" Prediction for who's for the drop

Medal 54 "Ambitious" Livingston
(22 Votes)
Well we can but hope as Saints fans take the new rivalry with the Ferranti Works XI to heart.
2nd place went to Motherwell with 15 votes whilst other nominations had the Pars and either of our Tayside rivals heading to oblivion in May.

The "Kenny MacDonald" Prediction for Most Promising Saintee Next Season

Medal 60 Flash Forsyth
Ross Forsyth

(24 Votes )
(Kiegan Parker)
Wins by 8 votes from Dave McClune and testament to the impression both teenagers have made on the fans since St. Sandy gave them a run in the team.
Other votes went to Martyn Fotheringham, Brendan Crozier, Kiegan, Barry Thomson, Manny Panther and Marco. Hopefully this is a sign to come and that the youth policy is finally paying off.

The "School or Club" Dilemma of Youth Opportunities at Saints.

Medal 60 Yes - 53
No - 7(37/18)
Even more convincing than last season - no doubt more than slightly influenced by the number of teenagers that have made their debuts this season.

The "Kirkwood View From The Stand" List of Tactical Changes

Medal Tons Attack
(15 Votes )
As many suggestions as there are grains of a white substance in the Charlies noses. Mainly attacking football although opinion differs over whether 3-5-2 / 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 is the way to go - one thing is for sure though - the 4-5-1 formation is a non-starter with the supporters.
Amongst other suggestions we had play more kids, play people to their positions, don't let the midfield drop so far back, play a tall striker, go to 4-4-2 against the OF, practice penalties, bring on the subs earlier and shout at the players more.
Player wise there were votes for Jim Weir to be dropped, "Don't let Momo near the defence"" and "Switch Momos position all the time to confuse opposition".
Plenty of criticism for the manager as well with St Sandy told to shout at the players more, stop talking up the opposition before the game.
Best two suggestions though were "Bribe the refs" and one word "WIN".

The "Steve H Pessimism" Vote on Saints Future

Medal 60 More Optimistic
(43 Votes )
(7 Vote )
Less Optimistic
(10 Vote )
So after a crap season you'd expect us to be depressed about our prospects. But no, with the traditional summer optimism of the Saints fan by far the majority of us are expecting glory and silverware next year.
Failing that, a continual gubbing of the Scumdee teams accompanied by some sexy football from Saints would do nicely !!!!

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