Welcome to theYear 2002 Temple Of Saints Survey Awards (TOSSAs). Now in their 5th year and voted on by the Saints mailing list, official forum and via this Web Site, you can see what we thought of the events over one of the worst season's in Saints history. If you can be bothered previous awards can be found here for 1997-98, here for 1998-99., here for 1999-2000 and here for 2000-01

The nominations are divided into 5 categories The Season, The Players, The Cult Heroes, The Media, Off The Park and finally The Future. Many thanks to everyone that caused me loads of work totalling the scores by taking the time to vote. Not too many surprises but the usual weird votes. Right tuxedo on and let's see what's in the gold envelopes.

The Season





And the Winner Is...

(2001 TOSSA in brackets)



The "1997 New Year's Day Commemorative Gubbing" Award for Best Home Performance

Medal 52 3-0 v Livvy
(37 Votes)
(2-1 win over Rangers)
Well there wasn't exactly a lot of competition with only 2 home wins all bloody season. Anyway February's slaughter of Meadowbank came well out on top with the 1-0 win over Killie in 2nd place with 7 points.
The others mentioned were the 3-2 defeat from Motherwell and the narrow 2-1 loss to TFOE as well as one vote for PSJ's win over Erin Hibs.
Oh and 3 total depression cases said "None of them"

The "Any Trip to Dens Park" Award for Best Away Performance

Medal 52 3-1 v Hearts
(29 Votes)
(3-0 v Hearts)
Another large win for the win at Tynecastle in March which saw us 3-0 up at half-time (more on it later).
2nd place was the Boxing Day win at Fir Park with 11 votes whilst others went to the 2 wins at Killie and the CIS win.
Wins aside there were also votes for the CIS defeat at Tannadump and the 1-1 draw with Tarff Rovers whilst 3 folk went for the Almondvale match "for the atmosphere" - Aye I remember being optimistic at Xmas as well.

The "Let's Ban Sky" Award for Worst Home Performance

Medal 52 1-4 v Arabs
(18 Votes)
(2-3 v Arabs)
First game I've missed in 6 years and it sounds bad as Sammy's debut is an easy winner with 2nd place going to the 3-0 defeat by Killie (12 votes).
Other mentions went to the cup defeat from the sheep, the defeats to Hibs, Scumdee (both of them), TFOE and Well. And of course we had 4 votes for "All of them".

The "Ochilview" Medal for Worst Away Performance

Medal 52 0-4 v Hibs
(25 Votes)
(0-4 defeat v Motherwell)
Strange I didn't think there were 25 of us there to witness the end of Sandy Clarks rain all that time ago. Easily the worst game of the season although March's 3-0 defeat came 2nd with 13 votes. Third was the 3-0 gubbing at Tynecastle (and Kemble's wonderful defensive performace) whilst the other votes went to the 0-0 draw at Tannadump and the 1-0 defeat at Dens.
And 3 votes for "All of them".

The "Who Needs a Striker Now?" Certificate for Goal of the Season

Medal 52 Tommy's 2nd at Tynecastle
(23 Votes)
(Momo v Rangers)
In the end a clear winner with the Great Dane's volley for Saints 2nd in the 3-1 win getting the votes ahead of JR Hartley's free-kick at Almondvale in 2nd place with 16 votes.
Others mentioned were Peaso v Well, Jones and Parker v Livvy, Falconer v Killie (our first goal of the season) and Tommy's first goal at Tynecastle.
Oh and one wit went for "Did we score any"

The "Craig Brown Selection" Medallion for Save of the Season

Medal 31 Cuthbert v Clyde
(9 Votes)
(Main v Lilley 2nd Utd match)
Plain to see that the season didn't bring too many memorable moments between the sticks for the Saints' keepers with Cuthbert eventually winning through for his performance in the CIS match.
He got 2nd place for his saves v Hibs at the end of the season whilst other votes went to Miller (no mention of Main at all in fact).
But boy, did we get the wits out for this one - let's hear it for the single votes for:
  • Selling Kane
  • Ian Dewar for saving us from Clark
  • Geoff for saving Pope's wages
  • Being "saved" from having to watch Roy for another 7 matches

The "Gerry McMahon Injury" Scroll for Biggest Disappointment of the Season

Medal 52 Relegation
(33 Votes)
(Finishing 10th)
Well not a lot to say with almost everyone voting for relegation (2nd place with 8 votes was "Going down with a whimper").
Billy Stark was 3rd with 5 votes, 3 votes went to "The whole thing" and a couple for the 4-0 defeat at Easter Rd.
Finally one vote for "Clark's constant whinging" seemed to sum up a lot of feelings (more below).

The "Kane Header Against Dundee" Commemorative Video for Most Satisfying Moment or Event

Medal 52 Clark Getting Sacked
(12 Votes)
(Beating the Huns)
The dismissal of Radio Scotland's favourite pundit only just edged out "Beating Livvy" with 10 votes. Plenty of other suggestions though with the OF being told to GTF 3rd with 9 votes (more on that later).
On the park, Cuthbert, Panther, Tommy and JR were given some credit for their improved performances and promise for next season whilst 5 votes went to "Weir taking on the Mafia at Dens" as our captain tangled with the Greasy Coagie dugout.
Oh yeah - 2 votes for "There wasn't one" and one for "Getting rid of Darren Jackson".

The "Better Than The Pub" Award for Team Giving Most Entertainment Value

Medal 52 Motherwell
(13 Votes)
Strange one this with the Bankrupt Buckie Boys winning out by a single vote over SellikFootballClub.
Other votes went to (in order) Livvy, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, Scumdee, Clyde. Annan Athletic and Tarff Rovers brought up the rear with one vote each. And no mention at all of TFOD, Killie or the Arabs

The "Boghead Drainage System" Memorial Award for Best Away Ground

Medal 52 Easter Rd
(14 Votes)
The atmosphere for the 2nd game in March seems to have swung this one with a clear win over Parkhead and Almondvale in joint 2nd place with 9 votes each
Other mentions went to every other ground in the SPL (Plus Broadwood) with the exception of Dens.

The "OF Domination" Plaque for the Best Thing to Happen to Scottish Football

Medal 52 OF Told to GTF
(33 Votes)
(Hibs challenging OF)
An easy winner this with the smile still on most non-OF fans faces as the Big Two ( a nice anagram of W Bigot that) were told to behave or f**k off by the "Rebel 10".
2nd place in a cold-hearted way with 5 votes each went to the financial crisis and demise of Well and Airdrie respectively whilst other mentions included the Champions League Final, Berti Vogts, TV Money vanishing and "Dundee's continued pishness"

The "Sacking of Totten AntiChrist" Award for the Worst Thing to Happen to Scottish Football

Medal 52 OF Still Here
(23 Votes)
(OF Domination of League)
Yup the continued tarnishing of Scottish Football by Wegieland's Bigot Brothers came through.
2nd place with the sympathetic 11 votes was Airdrie going bust whilst the other mentionsincluded losing the TV Money (5), OF Domination (3), Dundee (3), Saints being relegated (3) and not being in the World Cup.

The "Embassy Regal / Roddy Grant" Award for the Most Saintee-esque Moment of the Season

Medal 48 Humping Livvy then blowing the rest of the season
(12 Votes)
(Letting in the 3rd against Utd)
Yup it's the old vote for shooting ourselves in the foot as the false optimism of February just summed it all up.
2nd place went to another cock-up with 10 votes for the 3-0 defeat at Easter Rd in March.
Other mentions included failing to score for the last 4 games, sacking Clark (!), Weir taking on the mafia, relegation, Jones "comeback" at Rugby Park and Dods scoring at Parkhead (where we led for all of 5 minutes).
And one weir vote for "Missing out on a trip to Villa Park to see Stevenage Vs. Yeovil in the FA Umbro Trophy final because I was up in Perth for Saints Vs. Hibs"

The "Rolf Harris" Grammy for Song/Chant of the season

Medal 47 "You are a Coagie / Wegie"
(12 Votes)
(Marco, Marco)
Well if there's one thing from this season it's the number of new songs that appeared with the winner the piss-take of the Larsson ditty.
2nd place with 10 votes was the Spandau-Ballet inspired "Graeme Jones...he's indestructible" and 3rd went to "He's big, he's quick, his name's a porno flick, Emmanuel".
Other new favourites included "Have Fun in Division One", "We're going to Dingwall - you're going to Ibrox","If You're Sick O' The SPL Clap Your Hands", the rather personal "J***e B**t***s Mums a Whore" and one vote for the brilliant "When posh is shagging Beckam, she wears a wonder bra, and all the time shes thinking, of Wullie Falconer"

The "Penalty At Ibrox Miracle" Award for Best Ref of the Season

Medal 52 Wullie Young
(12 Votes)
(George Clyde)
Winner by 2 votes from Shuggy Dallas with Baldy Rowbotham in 3rd. Apart from that it was the usual culprits being mentioned although one wit went for "All bar Rowbotham".

The "Aw no him" Award for Worst Ref of the Season

Medal 52 John Rowbotham
(14 Votes)
(Shuggy Dallas)
This one has me beat but Baldy is not liked by Saintees. 2nd place went to Dougie "Certainly Mr O'Neill how much injury time do you want for a soft free kick" MacDonald with 11 votes. Wullie Young was 3rd and Dougal 4th with the other votes spread evenly. All of which just goes to show that ref's are nothing if not inconsistent.

The "Fergus hates Farry" Medal for Most Loathed Person / Institution of the Season

Medal 49 Old Firm
(19 Votes)
(O'Boyle / Thomas.)
Their arrogance over the SPL TV deal seems to have gained them most votes but 2nd place with 12 went to Sandy Clark. 3rd was Livvy (mainly due to the constant media attention they got) whilst the other mentions went to the usual Dundee / OF associated folk.
Oh and one mention for Paddy Connolly - someone doesn't like him.

The Players





And the Winner Is...



The "John Brogan Memorial" Award for Best Saints Player This Season

Medal 52 JR
Paul Hartley

(30 Votes)

(Momo Sylla)
Only one winner really with JR improving in leaps and bounds since Stark took over and easily the most popular choice.
2nd place with 8 votes went to Kevin Cuthbert which is excellent considering he didn't play all season.
Other mentions went to Tommy (5), Weir (4), Murray (3), Kernaghan (1) and Wullie Falconer (1).

The "Andy Brannigan Understudy" Award for Worst Saints Player This Season

Medal 52 Sammy Youssouf
Sammy Youssouf

(14 Votes)

(Garry Bollan)
The Great Hope wins out by one vote from Wullie Falconer as the strikers come in for stick big-time. Probably more famous for drinking exploits than his efforts on the park it's come as no surprise that he left before the end of the season.
Other votes went to Mark Lynch (11), Pope (4), Kemble (3), Jackson (3), Miller (2) and another vote for Paddy Connolly. About the only interesting thing from it all is that with the exception of Paddy and Pope all the votes went to players brought in during the season. We must really rate Grant Murray then eh?

The "Vinny Arkins £5m In A Few Years" Award for the Most Improved Saints Player This Season

Medal 52 Kevin Cuthbert
Kevin Cuthbert

(17 Votes)

(John Paul McBride)
Winner by one vote from Paul Hartley, Kevin's come in for plenty of praise for his exploits in goal this season and hopefully he'll be given plenty of opportunity to start in goal next year.
Other votes went to Tommy (7), Panther (6), Marco (4) and Mahe(2). Good to see the youngsters getting the praise that their performances deserve and let's hope it carries forward.
Finally one small point on this award - the recipients in the last 2 season's have both left the club the following year. Spooky innit?

The "Fat Keepers Memorial Rolex" Award for the Best Ambassador for the Club

Medal 52 Capn Jim
Jim Weir
(31 Votes)
(Jim Weir)
5th time in a row as Cap'n Jim turns into a legend year after year and despite the poor team showing this season it's good to see that at least one player still shows some passion for the club.
2nd place went to Geoff Brown with a welcome return to the helm for him. 3rd with 6 votes was Graeme Jones (who went down a storm at the PSJ Awards do) whilst there were other mentions for Dasovic, Hartley, Ian Dewar, Craig Russell and Henry Hall.

The "Marble Staircase Story Revisited (Again)" Award for the Biggest Embarrassment for Saints

Medal 60 Sandy Clark
Sandy Clark

(13 Votes)

(George O'Boyle)
If only he'd gone quietly but Sandy's constant harping on about how the club treated him has turned most of you against him and he easily won this.
2nd with 9 votes was Sammy Youssouf whilst the other votes went to Darren Jackson (5), Falconer (4), Duff (4), Stark (4), Kirkwood (2), Kemble (2), Lynch (2) and the team (2) with individual votes for SuperSaint, Paddy, Kane, Kiegan and Stewart Cosgrove.

The "I Cant Be Bothered Typing Dinos Name Out In the Match Reports" Award for the Best Nickname of the Season

Medal 45 JR
"J. R." Hartley

(9 Votes)

Not the best season for nicknames with plenty of old favourites cropping up but we had mentions for "Deirdre" (6), "Bet Lynch" (6), "Wacko Jacko", "Flash Forsyth", "Emmanuel PornStar", "Swally Youseless" and Tommy's one of "Streaky Danish Bacon" which was new to me.
Couple of ruder nominations as well with one vote each for "Knobhead" (Falconer) and "You F**king Wanker" (Momo Sylla on his return)

The "Chirpy Cheeky Chick Charnley Red Card" Award for the Funniest Moment of the Season

Medal 48 OF being told to GTF
(11 Votes)
(JR's celebration against the Arabs)
Well it made me laugh and so it appears a lot of others as well.
2nd place went to the Saints fans on Boxing Day at Fir Park with 6 votes whilst the other nominations included "Hearing that Mark Lynch made the subs bench for Man Utd ", "Brown getting stuck into Clark in the matchday programme", "Lowndes on the transfer list","Cuthbert standing on Charlie Miller and looking innocent","O'Neill losing the plot after Juve cheated " and one weird vote for "Hospital commentator asking - on air - why the Hibs keeper had changed shirt and donned a cap, then realising it was Cuthbert"
For the saddos out there 4 votes went for "None - this season wasn't funny"

The "Fererro Rocher 'With These Players You Are Spoiling Us" Award for the Ideal Saints Side

Medal 52 Main, Murray, Forsyth, Weir, McCluskey, Hartley, Panther, Marco, Tommy, Jones, Parker
(Main, McClune, Forsyth, Weir, Dods, Lovenkrands, Hartley, Sylla, McBride, Parker, Jones)
God the permutations that appeared this time - anyway the team is basically the most popular players in each position with a 4-4-2 the favoured choice out there, although 4-3-3 seems to be popular for next season as well. Basically anyone who didn't make the dud list of players was mentioned at some point although the votes came in too early to take account of the new signings.

The "Almost fit to lace Roddy's boots" Medallion for Best non-Saints Player in the Scottish League

Medal 52 Peter Lovenkrands
(10 Votes)
(Henrik Larsson )
Tommy's wee brother takes the title by one vote over Saints nemesis Stuart bloody Elliot.
Other mentions included Mjallby, Agathe, Sylla, Fernandez, Larsson, Fuller, Niemi, Lennon and Gary Bollan (!) with the funniest one going to "John Lambie".

The "Oleg Salenko" Medallion for Worst non-Saints Player in the Scottish League

Medal 52 Karl "I've got a mortgage to pay on only 5 grand a week" Ready
(8 Votes)
(Mark "Fatter than Bollan" Yardley)
The Motherwell moaner comes out trumps but only wins by 2 votes from ex-Saintee Nathan "on the transfer list" Lowndes.
Others mentioned included Flo, Cannigia, Sara, Bonetti, Barry Ferguson, Stevie Woods, Fan Zhiyi, Bollan, Thompson, McCann, Andrews, Charlie Miller, Fulton and Thornley - plenty to pick from anyway.

Cult Heroes +Those Who Left





And the Winner Is...



Paul Kane
Favourite Kane Moment

Medal 52 Goal against Scumdee to put us into Europe
(46 Votes)
Aye well that was predictable wasn't it?
Only 2 other nominations with the last-minute chip against Falkirk in the League Cup tie at Brockville in 1998 getting 5 votes and his performance in the 1-0 win at Parkhead gaining a single nomination. Let's face it though he could have done sod all for the rest of his time here but that header will guarantee his place in the Hallowed Halls of Saintdom.

Nick Dasovic
Favourite Dasovic Moment

Medal 52 Goal in the Cup Final
(35 Votes)
Another predictable one there then with a rocket of an equaliser at Parkhead getting most of the votes.
2nd place went to his scorcher in the semi-final with 11 votes whilst other nominations went to his goal at Parkhead in the 1-0 win (3), goal at Stirling in the cup and "When he was pissed at Roddy's testimonial dinner".
Finally one vote simply went to "His dedication and loyalty to the club" which sums it up really.

John Paul McBride
Favourite McBride Moment

Medal 41 Two goals at Pittodrie
(10 Votes)
God a mixed bag this with a lot of folk struggling to come up with anything ("I've got better memories of Bollan" summing up their point) and several good suggestions but the brace at Pittodrie last season comes through.
Other polite nominations went to his goal against Fulhm, scoring the penalty at Tynecastle, "His sublime passing" an one brilliant one for "The time he made a mad tackle right in front of the East Stand moaners, and gave them a piece of his mind! ".
On the negative side we had "Hearing he was being released" and "Hearing about him sitting in the stands at Parkhead".

The County Sports Home Strip NameCheck for the Cult Hero of 2000-2001

Medal 52 Paul Hartley
Paul Hartley

(15 Votes)
(Momo Sylla)
This was close with the Player of the Year winning out by a solitary vote over another departee who hardly played for the club - yup 14 votes came in for Rachid Djebaili !!!!
Other names in the frame were Dods, Weir, Kemble (probably voted by the joke wig makers), Maher, Falconer (2 votes there WndBrt), Panther, Tommy and Jones.

The East Stand Moaners Selection for Cult Hero of 2001-2002

Medal 52 Emmanuel Panther
Emmanuel Panther

(15 Votes)
(Momo Sylla)
Nothing like putting too much pressure on someone with the level of expectations as Manni walked away with this from Marc McCulloch in 2nd place (with 9 votes)
Others mentioned included Jones, McCluskey, Tommy, Murray, Hartley, Kiegan, Peaso, Maxwell, Fotheringham and Ryan Stevenson
Last year's winner left within a week of the start of the season - let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

The Media





And the Winner Is...



The "Danny Griffin Namecheck" Award for Best National Newspaper Coverage

Medal 52 Courier
(13 Votes)
( Sun)
Wins just ahead of the "All Crap" category and surely has to be one of the favourites for next season as the tabloids drop Saints into the "Diddy 1st Division sides" category
3rd place went to the Sun with the Retard 4th and PA 5th.

The "Jim Griffin Namecheck" Award for Worst National Newspaper Coverage

Medal 52 Daily Record
(20 Votes)
(Daily Record)
Fifth year in a row for "Scotland's favourite" (sic) as they beat their arch-rivals the Sun by 7 votes.
3rd went to the Express (God knows why) whilst the News of the World, Times, Herald, Scotsman and Daily Mail also received nominations.

The "Sky Comes to McD" Award for Best TV/Radio Saints Coverage

Medal 51 Radio Scotland
(24 Votes)
(Radio Scotland)
The BBC do it again with an easy win over Sportscene in 2nd place and Radio Tay in 3rd. About the only interesting vote here was the solitary one for Scotsport which meant it tied with Heartland FM !!

The "Cover the OF Instead" Award for Worst TV/Radio Saints Coverage

Medal 51 Scotsport
(23 Votes)
But no fear Scotsport's continued "2 minutes highlights unless the OF are involved" meant that they romped home here ahead of Scot FM, Sky and Sportscene.

The "Muirton Park Press Card 92-93" Award for Media Falsehood of the Year

Medal 31 Peter / Tommy Lovenkrands
(20 Votes)
(Peter/Tommy Lovenkrands)
There's a first - the same falsehood winning for the 2nd year in a row although the lack of real media coverage of Saints meant that the falsehoods were a bit thinner on the ground this year.
2nd place went to "Anything by Sandy Clark" (see 2 awards down) whilst in 3rd place was "Keith Cuthbert".
The more surreal nominations went to "Thinking Rangers are good" and "Daily Record advertising itself as a newspaper"

Pundit / Reporter of the Year

Medal 52 Stuart Cosgrove
(15 Votes)
(Bob Crampsey)
Bob Crampsey has retired so the new popular pundit goes to celebrity Saints fan Stuart Cosgrove who wins by 4 votes over Radio Scotland presenter Richard Gordon.
3rd place went to Graeme Spiers (getting the broadsheet vote obviously) whilst other mentions included Jim Masson of the Courier, Jim Spence, Gordon Bannerman, Charlie Mann, Bill Leckie, Chic Young and a single vote for Sandy Clark.

The "Gerry" Hall of Fame for Worst Pundit / Reporter

Medal 52 Sandy Clark
(20 Votes)
(Gordon Smith)
An easy winner this and all the more impressive since he was only in a pundit job from September onwards. Anyway no doubt his comments on Saints and Tommy etc guaranteed his win here (Sandy Clark, win?, something strange here).
2nd place went to last year's winner Gordon Smith who's free advertising for his agency is becoming more and more pathetic by the week.
Other mentions went to Chic Young, Dick Donnelly, Keith Jackson, Spiers, Murdo McLeod and Tam Cowan.

The "Almost as Popular as the Pammy Video" Scroll for the Best WWW Site of the Season

Medal 44 BBC
(9 Votes)(Official Saints Site)
It's a non-Saints site that wins this time with the BBC coming through although no doubt their live internet SPL commentaries didn't do them any harm....pity about next season then.
2nd place went to the Official Saints site (with it's "lively" forums) whilst 3rd was Blue Heaven.
Other votes went to Rivals.net, Soccernet, Football365, Soccerbase, From the Terrace and despite everything I say 5 votes for the Temple. I'm touched...no honestly I really am (can't you see the sincere smile)

The "I'm not interested in the Tannadice job" Award for Quote of the Season

Medal 36 Peaso worshipping Rangers
(6 Votes)
("I really want to stay here" - N. Lowndes)
Plenty of votes here with Peaso's PR misfire before the TFOD match winning out by a single vote from JR's piece in the Sun about screwing Saints for higher wages and "We weren't mentioned that much".
Other nominations went to
  • "My conscience is clear" - Sandy Clark.
  • "Billy Stark will keep Saints up"
  • "Yer sacked" - Saints board
  • "You have got to buy a ticket to win a coconut" - Jim Duffy.
  • "If we can pick up 3 points in our next game"
  • "What a waste of pies" - Stewart Duff after the cup-tie

And for anyone that frequents the official site forum a couple of nominations -
  • Anything Barry says if you can translate it
  • The "Martin Preuss" poem

Off the Park





And the Winner Is...



The "Aggies Army" List of Season Ticket Holders

Medal 52 Yes - 29
No - 23(Yes: 42 No: 18
Quite a big drop but there were a few more ex-pat Saintees voting this time which might explain it. Of course you could just say our shitty form for the last couple of years has something to do with it as well.

The "Sit Us Amongst The Bigots" Roll of Season Ticket Holder for 2002-03

Medal 52 Yes 23
No -29(Yes 36 No 6)
I'm not sure how much good news this will be for the club as the season ticket sales going by this seem to be set to drop by around 20%. Having said that, the comments below might also have some bearing of people's reluctance to get a season ticket.

The "Let them eat Pie" Barometer of Club / Fan Relationships for Last Season

Medal 52 Improved - 9
No Change - 17
Worsened - 25
What Fans? - 1
Bit of a disaster this and despite the result being no doubt influenced by goings-on on the pitch, it just proves that Saints seem to be struggling to get things right off the park with the PR situation worsening year by year.
Oh yeah "What fans?" - very witty.

The "Worse Ratings than the SPL" PR Marks out of 10 Score

Medal 52 4.48(5.92) So an average of 4.48 out of 10 for the club's PR - the words "Need", "To", "Do" and "Better" spring to mind. Hopefully with Geoff Brown back though we might finally see some backsides being kicked.

The "Whitewash The Stand" List of Suggested Improvements to the Club

Medal Loads Better Relationship with season ticket holders
(18 Votes )
(Improve the PR)
Well an easy winner with plenty of suggestions (and this doesn't include the cries for lower season ticket prices). Possibly a start has been made with the inclusion of cup-ties for next year but it's getting harder and harder to justify owning a season these days.
Anyway the other sensible suggestions included -
  • Open some sort of concession in the town - not a shop, just a stall in the High St or St John centre selling tickets etc
  • Do more to entice people to come and watch live games
  • Publicise the events we're good at
  • Sack Stewart Duff / Billy Stark (quite a few votes here) / Billy Kirkwood
  • Better Stadium PA / Mascot
  • Improve the club's image online
  • More community involvement
  • No more old diddies
  • Cheerleaders (after seeing FC Copenhagen I'll vote for this one)
  • More community involvement from the players (quite a few votes here)

The "Alex Totten Bin Liner" Rating - should the manager go now?

Medal 52 Yes -21
No - 31
Well he's got a few months but remembering that at this time last year the votes in favour of keeping Sandy Clark and you get the feeling that time is running out for Stark to prove he can get the results we need.

The "Sack the Board" Rating - should Geoff leave now?

Medal 52 Yes - 4
No - 48
Nothing to say to this but Welcome Back Geoff.

The Future





And the Winner Is...



The "Roddy or Ronaldo?" List of Players Saints Should Sign

Medal Loads Top 3 are ::
Nacho Novo

(15 Votes)
Ricky Gillies (again)
(7 Votes)
(6 Votes)
(Gillies, Crawford, Jess).
Well heaps of names but surprisingly more in the way of votes for types of player rather than specifics - "A target man", "Striker" etc. Also 4 votes came in for "Nobody - keep playing the kids" which shows that some folk have faith in the club.
Some fairly realistic suggestions this year with Raith's Nacho Novo a clear winner despite his apparent desire to head for Scumdee.
Others mentioned included Stuart Elliot, Kevin Twaddle, Wyness, Dadi, Dow, Fulton, Ian Maxell (there you go Stark you've got something right), Brewster, Alex Williams and Buron O'Brien. Some of the more esoteric names from the Conference included Ornandi Low, Gavin Williams and Matty Baker.
Weird votes yup - 4 for Wullie Falconer, 3 for Miguel Simao and 2 for a certain John Paul McBride.

The "Mystic Aggie" Prediction List for Next Season

Medal 51 League Cup ::
3rd Round / Qtr Final

(19 Votes)
(3rd Round/ Qtr Final)
Scottish Cup ::
3rd Round

(21 Votes )
(Qtr Final)
Challenge Cup ::

(16 Votes )
League ::
(13 Votes)
(FSPL - Fifth)
Well there's some signs of optimism if nothing else!!
Nobody expects us to win the League Cup with only one optimist spying a final place whilst 8 reckon we'll be out early.
The Scottish Cup form is expected to continue although someone expects us to win the thing. 9 though don't even expect us to make the 3rd round.
In the league the votes went as follows: 1st (13), 2nd (9), 3rd (8), 5th (6), 7th (6), 4th (4), 6th (3), 10th (2 real pessimists) and one person for 9th. Based on the scientific study of these voting patterns you can probably expect us to finish 8th then
As for the Challenge Cup well 9 expect a win, 6 are looking for a final, and only 3 think we'll be knocked out early.
So what does it all mean? Beats me but if nothing else it proves there are some diverse opinions out there.

The "Kenny MacDonald" Prediction for Most Promising Saintee Next Season

Medal 51 Emmanuel Panther
Emmanuel Panther

(24 Votes)
(Ross Forsyth)
A clear winner with Martyn Fotheringham in 2nd place on 10 votes (a good showing given his lack of first team action). Hopefully it means Panther can start to fulfill the potential he's shown this year and establish himself in the first team.
Other nominees were Marc McCulloch, Maher, Ferry, Cuthbert and Ryan Stevenson (remember him?)

The "School or Club" Dilemma of Youth Opportunities at Saints.

Medal 52 Yes - 40
No - 12(Yes 53 No 7)
More backing for the youth policy although it seems there is a growing band of folk who think we should play the youngsters more - given the successes this season that's quite understandable.

The "Kirkwood View From The Stand" List of Tactical Changes

Medal Tons Play the players in their natural positions
(19 Votes )
Constructive criticism time with Stark's sometimes unfathomable team formations coming in for most flak.
The 2nd most popular vote though was reserved for the manager asking for him to show some emotion whilst "All Out Attack", "Back to 4-4-2" and "Get Tommy Forward" all got mentions along with 7 folk wanting a return to the Sturrock-era 9-5 training.
On the negative side - 12 votes for "Leave", 4 for "Get rid of Kirkwood", one for "Stay at home and let Henry pick the side" and on a World Cup theme there was one for "Sign a Japanese player" and one for "Sign Zidane - he's as fit as any Saints player".

The "Steve H Pessimism" Vote on Saints Future

Medal 52 More Optimistic
(16 Votes )
(7 Vote )
Less Optimistic
(29 Vote )
Well in theory we're in an easier league next year (famous last words or what) and going by the tournament predictions above there is a reasonable expectation of good cup runs and league performances next season. But for all that there are a lot of depressed Saints fans out there after the upheavals of the last 12 months - let's just hope that the team and club do something to rectify this next season.


That's it until next year..........................

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