Welcome to theThe 2004 Temple Of Saints Survey Awards (TOSSAs). Now in their 7th year and voted on by the Blue Heaven Forumand via this Web Site, you can see what we thought of the events over the shitty year that was 2003-04. If you can be bothered previous awards can be found for 1997-98, 1998-99., 1999-2000, 2000-01, 2001-02 and 2002-03

The nominations are divided into 5 categories The Season, The Players, The Media, Off The Park and finally The Future. Many thanks to everyone that caused me loads of work totalling the scores by taking the time to vote. Given the changes that have taken place since the voting started in terms of comings and goings the results are a mixed bag to say the least.

Anyway get the tuxedos ready and here we go.........

The Season




And the Winner Is...

(2003 TOSSA in brackets)



The "1997 New Year's Day Commemorative Gubbing" Award for Best Home Performance

Medal 3-2 vs Dunfermline
(30 Votes)
(2-0 win over ICT)
Clear winner with double the votes for 2nd place goes to the CIS cup win over the Fifers - a game which saw us coasting until the last 10 minutes. Here's to a repeat next year.
2nd place was the dramatic 3-2 win over Caley Thistle whilst in 3rd the opening day home gubbing of a certain Mr Connolly's QoS side.
Other nominations were for the wins over Ayr, Raith, Clyde and the Weans.

The "Any Trip to Dens Park" Award for Best Away Performance

Medal 3-0 vs Falkirk
(29 Votes)
(2-0 v St Midden)
By just four votes over the 3-2 game at Broadwood, it's the Peaso/Mixu show from early on in the season at Ochilview that wins through. Three cracking goals and the sheer joy of taking the piss out of Yogi Hughes.
Other nominations were for the 2nd trip to Ochilview, the 3-0 win at Dingwall with Mixu's hat-trick and the 3-2 win over Accies last summer. Nothing else seemed to spring to anyone's mind which says it all.

The "Let's Ban Sky" Award for Worst Home Performance

Medal 1-3 vs Clyde
(21 Votes)
(2-0 defeat to Ayr)
The gubbing by Clyde in the Game That Mattered wins out by just one vote over the 4-0 slaughter by the Weans. Third place went to the Scottish Cup display which is probably best forgotten.
Other mentions were the defeats to Raith, Brechin and the last home game against St Midden. Probably best summed up by one vote for "Too many to choose from"

The "Ochilview" Medal for Worst Away Performance

Medal 0-2 v Ross County
(19 Votes)
(2-1 defeat v Clyde)
Not quite as clear-cut but the half-hearted performance at Dingwall wins through by 6 votes over the Xmas trip to Inverness and the resulting 1-0 defeat.
Third place was shared between the 2nd trip to ICT and the draw at Ayr that spelt curtains for Billy Stark's reign.
Votes also for the trip to Ibrox, the 2-0 defeat at Broadwood, the 1-0 win at Brechin and the draw at Stark's Park. Summed up by a simple nomination though for "most of them"

The "Who Needs a Striker Now?" Certificate for Goal of the Season

Medal Keigan Parker
Keigan vs ICT (15/05/04)
(17 Votes)
(Hartley v St Mirren (Aug))
All the top 3 votes went to Keigans spectacular goals with his final one for Saints in the 3-1 defeat winning through. 2nd place was the goal at Love St at the start of the season and one vote behind in third was his volley in the 3-2 McDiarmid win over ICT.
Amongst the others was Sids goal vs the Pars, Dods volley against Brechin, Peaso's goal in the 3-0 win at Ochilview and Robertson's goal vs St Midden.
Oh yeah and a couple of wits went for Dods' o.g. against County.
All of which goes to prove sod all other than Saints can be entertaining when they try!

The "Craig Brown Selection" Medallion for Save of the Season

Medal Cuthbert v Accies
(8 Votes)
(Cuthbert v Falkirk)
Most genuine votes went to Cuthbert with his save to tip the ball over the bar in the Challenge Cup game winning through.
Of course this is the category for the sarcasm to shine through like an Italian ref's bonce and so there were votes for "SPL Saving themselves", "Gary saving saints from not having a forum" and "Brown and the board saving us another year of Stark and his inepitude ".
Best of the lot from a Mr E S Moaner was "Our keepers are crap"

The "Gerry McMahon Injury" Scroll for Biggest Disappointment of the Season

Medal Not getting promotion
(33 Votes)
(Not going up)
Not much to add to this although there were other votes for the performances, attitude, individual results, months of the year (specifically December).
Looking ahead we also had nominations for "Vata turning out pish" (this was a surprise?), "Seeing Reilly on the team sheer" (don't hold back now) and possibly more worryingly "JC's teams to date".
A one-word vote summed it up for me though - "Everything"

The "Kane Header Against Dundee" Commemorative Video for Most Satisfying Moment or Event

Medal Stark going
(26 Votes)
(There weren't any)
Despite what we all think of him as a person his departure from the football side was the highlight for most. 2nd place with 8 votes was "John Connolly being introduced to the fans" whilst "Stopping Clyde" was 3rd - not that we're bitter or anything.
In the bigger picture there were votes for Scumdee and Livvy going bust, Jim Weir's testimonial, Beating Falkirk, Last minute winners and surreally "Steak and Gravy Pies".

The "Better Than The Pub" Award for Team Giving Most Entertainment Value

Medal ICT
(39 Votes)
By a mile this season's title winners get the vote which says it all. Second place went to QoS with 8 votes whilst Newcastle Reserves were third.
Others mentioned included Brechin, St Mirren, Falkirk, Raith, Rangers and Clyde - so hard luck Ayr and Ross County we don't like you

The "Boghead Drainage System" Memorial Award for Best Away Ground

Medal Palmerston
(14 Votes)
Hmm wonder if the 2nd visit there had something to do with it? Anywas QoS take the vote from Brockville this year.
2nd place went to Brechin who were possibly the most welcoming of grounds and Broadwood was third (despite their stewards).
Elsewhere and all the other grounds we visited over the season (excluding friendlies) were nominated. Yup even a vote for Ochilview !!

The "OF Domination" Plaque for the Best Thing to Happen to Scottish Football

Medal Dundee go bust
(12 Votes)
(Celtics UEFA Cup Run)
By one vote over the Holland win, our Tayside neighbours (that's neighbours as in the Haney clan) plight gets the nod. I could be charitable and reckon all the votes were thanking the Coagies for providing the wake-up call to the SPL but somehow the squirming of the Marrs seems to be more likely.
Anyway other nominations included "Livvy going bust" (see theory above), "non-OF cup final", Stark getting sacked, Rangers being shite, Celtic's run in Europe and a competitive First Division.
Strangest vote went to "Ricky Ross singing the national anthem" whilst the smirkiest went to "Ricardo" as in that Portugese bloke.

The "Sacking of Totten AntiChrist" Award for the Worst Thing to Happen to Scottish Football

Medal SPL Stadium Rules
(20 Votes)
(OF Dominance)
Well that's the unthinkable with something finally pissing off footie fans more than the OF.
The Bigot Brothers didn't even manage 2nd with a certain German national team manager doing that. The OF were there in 3rd with their continuing presence about as welcome as John Motson at a Burns Supper. Other than that it was the usual mixed bag with special mentions for the punditry appearances of our last two managers.
Bitchiest nomination - "Dundee surviving". Got two votes that did (some brothers called Bonetti?)

The "Rolf Harris" Grammy for Song/Chant of the season

Medal Capn Jim
"Only one Jim Weir!"
(10 Votes)
("Stark must go")
The old favourite was the pick of the Saints hit parade this year with the testimonial match rendition still echoing.
And in 2nd place was the tribute to the Saintees ability to make anything rhyme with "Mixu Paatelainen, what a fucking signing!". (The 2004-05 challenge is Mr K Rutkiewicz!!)
Additional contenders for the eventual album included "Shite Team No Home" from Ochilview, "Connolly's Barmy Army", "Connolly's Coming Home", "Dundee's Going Bust" and "Billy, Billy GTF". Best one though has to be "We're Shite and We Know We Are" - let's hope it's not heard next season

The "Penalty At Ibrox Miracle" Award for Best Ref of the Season

Medal Willie Young
(24 Votes)
(Hugh Dallas)
Easy winner over Dallas in 2nd place and Alan Freeland in third. A decent referee and his generous gesture for Jim's testimonial seemed to swing it for a lot of fans.

The "Aw no him" Award for Worst Ref of the Season

Medal John Rowbotham
(17 Votes)
(Brian McGarry)
And the moral of the tale? Don't fall for diving wee shits who get Darren Dods sent off, otherwise we'll all hate you. An easy award for the man whose only resemblance to a good ref like Collina is in the chrome dome department.
Second place went to Dougie MacDonald with Shug Dallas and Stuart Dougal sharing third spot. The other usual contenders picked up votes with the traditional reasonable percentage opting for "All of them"

The "Fergus hates Farry" Medal for Most Loathed Person / Institution of the Season

Medal SPL
(16 Votes)
(Old Firm)
Well it just proves how much we have Scottish football's interest at heart with the clique getting the vote ahead of Sandy Clark and Davie Provan (both of whom, I presume were nominated for purely selfish reasons).
Other mentions go to BBC's sports coverage, John O'Neil (see aboce), Dominic Keane, Raith, Kernaghan, Scumdee, Celtic, Rangers, Billy Stark and to round things off "the guy who sits behind me"

The Players




And the Winner Is...



The "John Brogan Memorial" Award for Best Saints Player This Season

Medal Brian McLaughlin
Brian McLaughlin

(19 Votes)

(Grant Murray)
Tiny Tim wins by a mere two votes over Sid with John Robertsonm in third and Keigan fourth - can you spot the trend here?
Yet again the curse of being voted Player of the Year strikes as the winner ups sticks and heads off for the greener side of the field quicker than you can say "Nathan Lowndes" .
Other nominations went to Mixu, Peaso, Hay, Mavis (you know who you are), Maxwell (ditto), Baxter, Bernard and Cap'n Jim. The only real surprise was the lack of votes for a certain Albanian.

The "Andy Brannigan Understudy" Award for Worst Saints Player This Season

Medal Rudi Vata
Rudi Vata

(21 Votes)

(John Robertson)
Ah speak of the devil (or as some seem to prefer to call him - thatshitepastitoverratedsellikrejectshellsuitbob. Dud of the season by only one vote from Ian Maxwell. If there's any consolation to Maxie, last years winner here had not a bad following season.
3rd place went to the sadly departed Mavis (aye right) and behind him was Paul Lovering who might have won had he been here more than half-a-season. Sid, Dods, Nelson and Mixu made up the rest so perhaps we've done not too badly since only two of these are set to still be at the club for the season ahead.

The "Vinny Arkins £5m In A Few Years" Award for the Most Improved Saints Player This Season

Medal Ross Forsyth
Ross Forsyth

(21 Votes)

(Kevin Cuthbert)
By just one vote Flash's consistent performances on the left flank win out over John Robertson on the other side. Way behind in third place was Stephen Fraser who made a big impression for the last few games.
Others mentioned included Sid, Baxter, Hay, Parker, Stevenson and last years winner Kevin Cuthbert. And guess what - not one sarky vote anywhere!!!

The "Fat Keepers Memorial Rolex" Award for the Best Ambassador for the Club

Medal Capn Jim
Jim Weir
(50 Votes)
(Jim Weir)
Almost 80% of the vote to the man whose made this category his own. A rotten time off the park for the most part, Jim returned for the last few games and a well-deserved testimonial and appointment as assistant manager. Wonder who'll get it next year?
There were some alternative suggestions though with Geoff Brown and John Connolly picking up a few votes each. A couple went for Billy Stark, possibly thanks to the dignity he showed leaving the club whilst there were two votes for the fans and one for Peaso with the latter nominated thanks to at least staying for the PotY Awards do unlike the rest of the prima donnas.

The "Marble Staircase Story Revisited (Again)" Award for the Biggest Embarrassment for Saints

Medal Rudi Vata
Rudi Vata

(15 Votes)

(Billy Stark)
Second award of the season for Shellsuit Bob who obviously made a big impression on the Saints support and pushed last year's winner into 2nd place
Strangely most of the other votes went to players as well with Lovering, Mavis, Sid, Parker, Dods, Mixu and Maxwell all nominated.
Of the more esoteric nominations we had "The players walking out of the awards night", "Becoming 1990s Celtic Reserves", "No wins for the last 6 games" and just in case you thought you'd got off scot-free there were 3 votes for the "apathetic / poor home support". All in all there were more nominations than scapegoats after an England defeat.

The "I Cant Be Bothered Typing Dinos Name Out In the Match Reports" Award for the Best Nickname of the Season

Medal Mavis

(10 Votes)

Well it's good to see dear departed Mavis picking up an award (which will no doubt be nicked within seconds of him starting at his new employers).
For a change plenty of nominations here with Sid, Jazza, The Messiah, God (guess who the last two are for?), El Sid, Peaso, Blue Nun, Tiny Tim, Bugsy Malone and The Cat all nominated.
Best one for me was Tampax for Paul Bernard (in for one out for three) - there's a marketing opportunity in there somewhere?

The "Chirpy Cheeky Chick Charnley Red Card" Award for the Funniest Moment of the Season

Medal Here it is in full!!
Peaso on the Telly
(10 Votes)
(Paddy's miss v St Mirren)
Well more precisely the genitalia of young Peaso making their appearance on TVs Naughtiest Filler Show Volume 438283 or something bringing a rare smile to Saints everywhere (if not Sid).
2nd place went to Dods own goal against Ross County whilst others nominated included Mixu as a nun, "Watching Mixu and Yogi racing for the ball in the 4-0 defeat", "Raith's keeper", "QoS own goal" and perhaps more seriously "Connolly's team selections" and "Nelson in goal".
As for the weirdest vote - it's a bit libellous to print here!!

The "Fererro Rocher 'With These Players You Are Spoiling Us" Award for the Ideal Saints Side

Medal Cuthbert, Baxter, Forsyth, Fraser, Dods, Stevenson, Bernard, Sid, McLaughlin, Mixu, Parker
(Cuthbert, Baxter, Forsyth, Reilly, Maxwell, Weir, Stevenson, Paddy, Mixu, Hay, Peaso)
Right it looks like 4-4-2 is the favourite position with the vast majority going for the Cat in goal. The back four sees some regulars and a surprising vote for Fraser from several folk with Weir and Rutkiewicz also nominated in the middle and Robertson and McQuilken on the flanks.
For midfield McLaughlin and Bernard were popular choices with Sid in front of them and Stevenson on the right (the latter perhaps showing our lack of cover there).
Up front almost every permutation was suggested but the goalscorers win through.
Now to the weird votes - let's hear it for a dream team of "Yashin, Stiles, Beckenbauer, Schuster, Maldini, Platini, Dalglish, Puskas, Heddle, Zico, Brogan". Or even better the one word vote for "Arsenal."

The "Almost fit to lace Roddy's boots" Medallion for Best non-Saints Player in Scottish Football

Medal Henrik Larsson
(23 Votes)
(Dennis Wyness)
OK I'll admit to a cockup here with the forms on the forum and the Temple differing with one restricting the vote to the 1st Division and the other to the whole of Scottish football. Hence the massive vote for the Barca-bound countryman of Ulrika.
2nd place went to a non-Scandanavian blonde in the form of Steve "I like my job so much I'm not going to Perth" Bowey whilst behind him was David "I want to move to the central belt - unless I get loads of dosh and a BMW to go to Gretna" Bingham.
Others nominated included David Clarkson of Well who destroyed us in the cup, Nacho Novo, Mark McLaughlin, Sutton (either one) and strangely enough two votes for Gary Bollan (someone's been on the drugs again?)

The "Oleg Salenko" Medallion for Worst non-Saints Player in Scottish Football

Medal Nuno Capucho
(12 Votes)
(James Grady)
Same cock-up here which is why Nuno romps home.
2nd place goes to Latapy with Ricksen in third. The majority of votes went to SPL players but of the rest we had the likes of Simon Mensing, Kevin James, Owen Coyle, Calderon, Mark Yardley, Yogi and Gonzalez.
Weirdest one - had to be "Lorraine Kelly"

The County Sports Home Strip NameCheck for the Cult Hero of 2000-2001

Medal Capn Jim
Jim Weir
(15 Votes)
(Mark Baxter)
By only one vote the skipper beats Mixu to the title. Third place was Darren "OG Specialist" Dods with Sid and Tiny Tim behind in joint fourth.
Others names included Paddy, Vata, the Cat, Parker, Foxy, Mavis, Stewart Duff(!) and strangest of all "Paisley Panda"

The East Stand Moaners Selection for Cult Hero of 2001-2002

Medal John Connolly
John Connolly

(10 Votes)
A close one this with the new gaffer beating Kevin Rutkiewicz and Peaso into 2nd and 3rd place respectively, probably reflecting the lack of real signings during the voting period.
Other names included Kevin Moon, Eddie Malone, Hay, Hardy, Fraser, Stewart Duff(!), Marshall and Jim Weir. Still if nothing else at least we've got a cult hero that loves the club for next year...

The Media




And the Winner Is...



The "Danny Griffin Namecheck" Award for Best National Newspaper Coverage

Medal Courier
( 24 Votes)
The local national manages to regain the title from the Super Soaraway RedTop which was forced in to 2nd place ahead of the Daily Record, The Times (God you're a well-read lot) and the Scotsman.
Not much to say except the lack of interest in the First Division last year seems to be echoed in the voting.

The "Sky Comes to McD" Award for Best TV/Radio Saints Coverage

Medal Scotsport
(20 Votes)
(Radio Scotland)
Let's hear it for Jim, Andy and the wonderful forum to liven up a Sunday teatime. Winners by default (i.e. only sods to show Saints all bloody season) rather than the quality of their camcorder-based coverage which seems more fitting of You've Been Framed than a national sports programme. And that's despite the fashion sense of Delahunt, the common sense of Walker and the rivetingly exciting commentary of David McKinnie!
2nd place went to Radio Scotland with 17 votes and still entertaining on the way to and back from the match whilst Sportscene was 3rd ahead of Radio Tay and Sky way, way behind.

The "Jim Griffin Namecheck" Award for Worst National Newspaper Coverage

Medal Daily Record
(22 Votes)
(Daily Record)
Oh dear what can we say - the media equivalent of a Jim Weir Ambassador award, Scotlands favourite reading material for the Wegie thickos (you heard the radio ads?) comes through once more.
2nd place well behind with 8 votes was it's Sunday version whilst the Scotsman was next with 7. Token mentions for the rest of the usual candidated after that, including one for the FT!

The "Cover the OF Instead" Award for Worst TV/Radio Saints Coverage

Medal Sky
(25 Votes)
A surprising winner but the lack of Saints presence amongst the media-friendly big boys sees Murdochs Moronvision win through. 2nd place goes to the Sandy Clark dominated punditry of Sportscene with Scotsport in 3rd.
The remaining places with a few votes each went to the various Scottish radio stations - see someone must love Dick Donnelly!

Pundit / Reporter of the Year

Medal Stuart Cosgrove
(9 Votes)
(Dickie Gordon)
Another close one with one vote separating the Saints voice in the media from Gordon "Not-so-Secret-Agent" Smiff in second place. Third was Bill Leckie with fourth shared between last year's winner, Richard Gordon and Wullie Miller.
And just to show how kind you all are there was even a vote for Dougie Vipond (either that or we've got a Deacon Blue groupie in our midst - see the Ricky Ross vote above!). Mind you there was even a vote for Ron "Klu-Klux" Atkinson.
Possibly the best summary of the state of the nation's media came from the vote of "None since Crampsey retired"

The "Gerry" Hall of Fame for Worst Pundit / Reporter

Medal Sandy Clark
(20 Votes)
(Sandy Clark)
And he's out of a job at Parsland now so we'll have even more to slag him off about next season. Yup the ex-Saints boss strikes again with bitterness and plain crap punditry oozing out of his gob all year.
Mind you it was a bit closer with Davie "Hullo Archie Yes Archie" Provan only four places behind in his green-tinted sheepskin
Other names in the frame inluded Delahunt, Traynor, Walker, Smiff, Spencey and Chic the Prick.

The "Almost as Popular as the Pammy Video" Scroll for the Best WWW Site of the Season

Medal Blue Heaven
(18 Votes)
(Official Saints Site)
Winner by four votes from Pie & Bovril and probably helped by Gary taking on the forum when the official site gave up.
Third place means I'm blushing again as the Temple picked up several votes despite being excluded from the question. Elsehwere it was the BBC Sport site, Toffs, Soccerbase, Planet Football and Sky Sports.
Perhaps slightly more worrying (other than the lack of porn nominations this year - very mature) was only 3 folk thought the official site was the best footie one, bit of a comedown in the last 12 months.

Off the Park




And the Winner Is...



The "Aggies Army" List of Season Ticket Holders

Medal Yes - 38
No - 27(Yes: 31 No: 20)
Similar split to last year so little to say really.

The "Sit Us Amongst The Bigots" Roll of Season Ticket Holder for 2002-03

Medal Yes - 39
No - 26(Yes 24 No 23)
Christ this'll get the board all excited - based on these stats, John Connolly can almost afford Steve Bowey's big toe on the season ticket income increase. And that's with a new manager, new-found optimism and frozen prices.

The "Let them eat Pie" Barometer of Club / Fan Relationships for Last Season

Medal Improved - 42
No Change - 1
Worsened - 22
Well interesting - despite the trials and tribulations of the last 12 months most people think that the club are improving off the park. Mind you sacking a certain manager might have influenced this slightly.
One small aside to this was the more-than-a-few that believed the PR disaster of the awards do this year worsened things overall. However on the bright side (and it's not often there's one of those with Saints), we have a manger who is likely to give us some of the best PR since the days of Alex Totten and the framed tenner.

The "Worse Ratings than the SPL" PR Marks out of 10 Score

Medal 5.123(4.392) And here's the proof that the club must be doing something right. Of course the big question is whether or not this will turn into success on the park.

The "Whitewash The Stand" List of Suggested Improvements to the Club

Medal Reduce Prices
(16 Votes )
(Improve PR)
After some of the criticism last year from other clubs it looks like the depression of the First Division is pricing the fans away.
Second place was to get the players to do more community-based stuff and meet with the fans - mind you after the awards do is that a good idea?
There were also calls for an improved website, make the programme a fanzine, sack the new programme editor (!), set up a stall in the St Johns Centre, restructure the fans federation etc.
Of the stranger ideas we had "Play the Ghostbusters theme", "Scout abroad" and a call for Super Saint to be retired.

The "Alex Totten Bin Liner" Rating - will John Connolly get us promotion

Medal Yes - 46
No - 19
Well that's what you call a vote of confidence, especially given the lack of signings when the votes were coming in. However to be fair several people did qualify their "yes" vote with a "not necessarily this season" comment.

The "Sack the Board" Rating - should Geoff leave now?

Medal Yes - 10
No - 54
Never - 1
Another resounding vote for oor Geoff although there has possibly been more criticism of him this season than in recent times.

The Future




And the Winner Is...



The "Roddy or Ronaldo?" List of Players Saints Should Sign

Medal Top 3 are ::
Steve Bowey

(13 Votes)
Ricky "Bloody Hell not again" Gillies
(8 Votes)
David Bingham
(7 Votes)
(Templeman, O'Neil, Gillies).
Well we're not going to get any of them but can someone please, please answer my annual plea as to why the feck we should want to sign Gillies? I mean, every bloody year he pops up with all the predictability of a chant of "Thats crap Maxwell" at a home game?
Anyway there were 41!! names mentioned in this years shopping list with some of them already signed / rumoured to be targeted (Rutkiewicz, Marshall, Hannah, Hinds, Sheerin etc). Of the others we had Sylla, Ian Harty, Alex Williams from Morton, Michael Moore (the Stranraer player not the chubby film director although you can just see Fahrenheit 911 being replaced by Saintees 208 - or is that just me?).
Of the "anonymous" suggestions there were pleas for a "Young Kernaghan", a "Young Roddy" - in fact a young everything. Best nomination IMHO went to "Somebody who will fight for the club insted of that pish that we saw last season"

The "Mystic Aggie" Prediction List for Next Season

Medal League ::
(34 Votes)
League Cup ::
Qtr Final

(35 Votes)
Scottish Cup ::
Qtr Final

(35 Votes )
Bell's Cup ::
Win it

(33 Votes )
(1st / 3rd Round / 3rd Round /Win it)
OK so we're not being over-optimistic (yet again!) but just over half the voters expect the title, challenge cup and two quarter-final appearances. Not a lot is it?
Of the league votes 80% of folk expect 1st or 2nd place with only 2 looking for a finish outside the top 4.
The Challenge Cup is as bad although as with all cup competitions there is some realism setting in (based on past experience no doubt) with more than a few expecting an early exit.
Three folk think we'll win the CIS Cup but even the most optimistic expects nothing more than a semi-final appearance in the Scottish Cup.
After all that it'd be nice to see some of these dreams come true for a change.....

The "Kenny MacDonald" Prediction for Most Promising Saintee Next Season

Medal Stephen Fraser
Stephen Fraser

(17 Votes)
(Mark Baxter)
Sorry young Fraser but I'm afraid you're the Next Great Thing - so expect a bad injury next season. A deserved award for the teenager following some good performances at central defence towards the end of the season.
In 2nd place was Ryan Stevenson who seems to have finally found some sign of the form we all hoped he'd show. Others mentioned included the Cat, Baxter, Flash, Hay, Jazza, Malone, Foxy and youngsters Andy Jackson and Kevin Moon.
For the real optimist's vote check out "All the new signings" - talk about faith!

The "School or Club" Dilemma of Youth Opportunities at Saints.

Medal Yes - 40
No - 25(Yes 30 No 20)
Well it looks like the new managerial philosophy is paying off with the youngsters getting a fair crack of the whip under JC. Whether or not that will still be the case come January or if they'll be put to one side to make way for a Kemble/Vata clone remains to be seen (sorry about the horrific mental image there..)

The "Kirkwood View From The Stand" List of Tactical Changes

Medal 4-4-2
(18 Votes )(More attack-minded )
Right simple winner this so no more of this 3-5-2 shit (despite us all wanting it a few years ago).
Basically the nominations here fell into the category of improving the "product" on the park. Give us attacking football, use wingers, push forward, stop fiddling with the formation, bully other teams and entertain us and we'll all be happy.
Token optimistic vote goes to "None - John Connolly has it sussed" - let's hope so.

The "Steve H Pessimism" Vote on Saints Future

Medal More Optimistic
(47 Votes )
(0 Vote )
Less Optimistic
(18 Vote )
More than anything this probably sums up the mood of hope and optimism that John Connolly has brought back to the support. Whilst it remains to be seen whether or not he'll turn into a Totten / Sturrock or a McLelland remains to be seen but for the first time in a while the supporters are behind the manager, players and the club.
Let the good times roll!!

That's it until next year..........................

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