Welcome to theThe 2008 Temple Of Saints Survey Awards (TOSSAs). Now in their 11th glorious year, you can see what we thought of the events over the 2005-06 campaign. If you can be bothered previous awards can be found for 1997-98, 1998-99., 1999-2000, 2000-01, 2001-02 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06 and 2006-07

The nominations are divided into 5 categories The Season, The Players, The Media, Off The Park and finally The Future. Apologies for the delay in getting the results out but thanks to everyone who took the trouble to cast their Votes and show just how optimistic we are for the coming season.

Anyway get the Buckfast uncorked and here we go.........

The Season

Medal Award Medal And the Winner Is...
(Last year in brackets)
Other Nominees
Medal The "1997 New Year's Day Commemorative Gubbing" Award for Best Home Performance Medal 4-1 win over Accies
(26 Votes)
(3-0 win v Dundee United)
Just over half the votes went to the September win over the eventual league winners in a game which saw Saints finally live up to their potential - pity it didn't last.
Second place with 13 votes went to the first of the 5-2 wins over Livi with the other one in third place
Not too many other nominaions with the other wins over Hamilton and Morton the only ones to get any nominations.
Medal The "Any Trip to Dens Park" Award for Best Away Performance Medal 3-1 vs St Mirren
(27 Votes)
(2-0 win at The Death Star)
This was a bit more complex this season since officially the Cup Final was at a neutral venus but it still managed a distant 2nd place with 7 votes behind the clear winner of the cup replay win at Love St in March and the game that saw us destroy that mob from Paisley with some of the best play of the season.
Other votes went to the draws at Firhill and Palmerston in December and August with the Rangers semi, the win at Broadwood and the wins at Livingston and Dunfermline also mentioned.
Medal The "Let's Ban Sky" Award for Worst Home Performance Medal 1-2 vs Clyde
(31 Votes)
(1-2 v Livi )
Or the night the league hopes were extinguished with an insipid first half against John Brown's battling thugs ending in defeat thanks to Jorg "Bloody" Albertz.
Second place with six votes was the 2-2 draw against Stirling who fast became our bogey team last season with the draws against the Pars, Scumdee and Clyde also mentioned along with the 2-2 draw with Morton.
Medal The "Ochilview" Medal for Worst Away Performance Medal 0-0 vs Stirling
(13 Votes)
(0-2 v Partick)
Plenty of contenders for this one but the Boxing Day snorefest at Forthbank in the pissing rain won out by 4 votes ahead of the end-of-season humping we were on the end of at Forthbank.
Third place was the painful 3-2 defeat at Dens while the other votes were spread over the games at Dens, Palmerston, Hamilton and Broadwood with a special mention for the CIS penalty defeat at Firhill.
Medal The "Who Needs a Striker Now?" Certificate for Goal of the Season MedalRocco. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Rocco vs St Midden
(16 Votes)
(Savo 1st goal v Rangers)

In a season where we scored more than our share of spectacular goals, it was the on-loan Sellik midfielder that nabbed first and second place. Top slot went to the cracking volley against St Mirren in the cup-tie beating his rocket at Livingston by six votes.
Third place went to Peaso for his own cracker at Love St while Savo came in 4th with his powerful shot at Cappielow from the edge of the area.
Other mentions went to Rocco's goal against Partick, Mooner's late score against Clyde, Craig's vs Accies and Jacko's run and chip in the cup-tie. And there were 3 votes for Danny McBreen's header at Hampden that let us dream for just a little bit longer.

Medal The "Craig Brown Selection" Medallion for Save of the Season Medal Alan Main. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.

Alan Main vs Rangers
(24 Votes)
(Cuthbert at Hampden)
Another clear winner with the legend's performance in the semi-final the highlight of the season for him. As usual there weren't too many nominations in this category. Second place with six votes went to Jody's clearance off the line in the same game and third place went to the Den's Park crossbar for saving Goran's blushes in the cup final.
Other votes for Alan Main were for his performances at Love St, Dens, Broadwood and in the Challenge Cup at Stark's Park. Wackiest vote had to be for "McManus not finding Willie McLaren hiding under his bed, meaning we could punt him without a pay off! Saved us a fortune!"
Medal The "Gerry McMahon Injury" Scroll for Biggest Disappointment of the Season Medal Losing in the semi-final
(21 Votes)
(Not winning anything / getting promoted)
A very close vote this with only two votes separating the "winner" from the second place nomination expressing our disappointment at not being promoted....again. Elsewhere a distant third place went to the Brechin postponement with other mentions to losing last-minute goals to Scumdee, Jody's penalty miss at Hampden, the usual too many draws, Owen Coyle leaving and two votes singling out Mr Dyron Daal (more on him later). All in all, it's a pretty depressing category...
Medal The "Kane Header Against Dundee" Commemorative Video for Most Satisfying Moment or Event Medal Challenge Cup Win
(30 Votes)
(Winning at Ibrox)
Ah this is more like it. Given everything that's happened this side of Xmas, it's almost easy to forget that Saints finally relieved ourselves of that trophyless description by lifting the Not-Diddy-Any-More Cup last November on a Sunday afternoon that brought loads of smiles to our faces.
Despite the seemingly obvious winner, there were more than a few nominations for other events. Second place with 9 votes was the cup win at Love St whilst third place was taking the semi-final to penalties at Hampden.
Elsewhere the odd votes went to Dundee failing to win the league (nothing like enjoying other's misfortunes really), Gretna going under, Jody Morris' debut, Not missing Owen Coyle and one which sums it up - the "General optimism about the club these days"
Medal The "Better Than The Pub" Award for Team Giving Most Entertainment Value Medal Queen of the South
(15 Votes)
They had as good a season as us with a great cup run and qualification for Europe and despite our woeful performances at Palmerston, the Doonhamers won through by three votes over Livi in second place - the latter the only league side we took twelve points from last season. Dundee were third with 8 vote with other votes for Morton, Pars, Accies, St Mirren (including a special mention for the "Fortress Love St" banner, Ross County and one vote for Nacho Novo's diving which almost deserved a category of its own.
Medal The "Boghead Drainage System" Memorial Award for Best Away Ground Medal Hampden Park
(20 Votes)
Well that's two years on the trot we've made the trip through and despite taking fewer fans this time (c. D Provan), the atmosphere won through over Palmerston in second place with ten votes. Other grounds mentioned were Cappielow (getting four votes despite the kneecapping we have to endure in that stand), Dens, Forthbank, Almondvale, Gayfield (winning trophies in the sun last season back when Daal seemed to have potential), East End Park, Firhill, Love St and a couple of mentions for Ballymena and Coleraine from the more travelled Saints fans.
Medal The "OF Domination" Plaque for the Best Thing to Happen to Scottish Football Medal Gretna found out
(28 Votes)
(Beating France)

Well we can't say we're not bitter but the cries of "I told you so" emanating from McDiarmid in the spring as the SPL club lost their sugar daddy and had to resort to the begging bowl to prevent the authorities looking like total idiots, were more than justified, especially after our chairman's comments last summer. Anyway if we're really lucky they might have learnt their lessons from the whole debacle but don't hold your breath.
Second place was the national team beating France although that may have lost a little of it's lustre given Thierry and Co's performances at Euro 2008. Third place went to QoS making the cup final beating TFOD's run in Europe by a single vote. The appointment of George Burley gained a vote as did the sickest nomination in "Brookes Mileson's Hospital Bill".

Medal The "Sacking of Totten AntiChrist" Award for the Worst Thing to Happen to Scottish Football Medal Rangers Hooligans
(10 Votes)
(Gr£tna buy the league)
Loads of nominations but after getting praise for the side getting to Europe, the Govan knuckledragggers antics in Manchester after losing the final brought shame to Scottish football and unfortunately will more than likely see us all tarred with the same brush for a while. Second place and two votes behind was the Old Firm domination tied with the failure to qualify for Euro 2008. Other votes went to the TFOD almost winning everything, Gordon Smith, Gordon Strachan, the unchanging league structures, the Gretna fallout. But to bring it all back into perspective and remember that it is only a game, there was also one vote for the tragic death of Phil O'Donnell.
Medal The "Rolf Harris" Grammy for Song/Chant of the season Medal Yellow Army
(17 Votes)
(SPL yer havin a laugh)
Possibly only really popularised at Dens Park with a second half where we sang the two-word lyric but despite the early criticism of the away strip, it was enough to start a cult, culminating in the Yellow Army at Hampden in April. Second place was the one-off from Love St in "We can see you sneaking out" which we were able to start singing from about 25 minutes into the game.
Other contenders for the Kevin Rutkiewicz set list included "We arrapeepil" from Hampden, praise for the Livi fans at the final game, the Jody Morris pigbag-inspired chant, "Living the Dream, you're having a laugh", "we hate dundee", "We're all going to Hampden" and many, many others - where are Ronco when you need them? Strangest one was from an OF game and the Rangers chant of "The famine's over, why don't you go home" to the apparent tune of the Sloop John B.
Medal The "Penalty At Ibrox Miracle" Award for Best Ref of the Season Medal Dougie McDonald
(12 Votes)
(Colin Hardie)
Wins by two votes from the ubiquitous "none of them" and arguably had some good performances covering Saints games this season most noticably in the cup ties. Craig Thomson was the second "real" nomination with seven votes with John Underhill, David Somers, Mike McCuirry, Charlie Richmond, Iain Briner and Eddie Smith all also nominated. Funniest vote went to the wit who suggested a Mr Alex Rae from Dundee.
Medal The "Aw no him" Award for Worst Ref of the Season Medal Euan Norris
(12 Votes)
(Charlie Richmond)
"Who?" you might ask? For those who don't remember his contribution last season, this was the tube that reffed the second McDiarmid win over Accies and took the definition of incompetence to a whole new level. Second place was Alan Boyd with 7 votes (remember the "penalty" at Livingston) while other nominees included Thomson, Brines, Somers, McCurry, McDonald and a couple of votes for Morag Pirie who while she didn't ref the game managed to get more than her fair share of wrong decisions while running the line at the cup final.
Medal The "Fergus hates Farry" Medal for Most Loathed Person / Institution of the Season Medal TFOD
(9 Votes)
Tons of suggestions for this award but The Forces of Darkness win out clearly by a couple of votes from Dundee. Third place was tied between the Old Firm in general and Alex Rae.
Otherwise there was by no means any shortage of nominations with the SPL, Chic Young, Gretna, Jimmy Calderwood (no, me neither), Nacho Novo, Craig Samson, Dave McKinnon, Richard Offion, Dougie Imrie and Davie Irons all in the frame for when the revolution comes. Two others worth mentioning were the four votes for Mr Davie Provan (more on him later) and for the first time I can recall, a Saints player on the list (well he was at the start of the season) in Wullie McLaren.

The Players

Medal Award Medal And the Winner Is...
(Last year in brackets)
Other Nominees
Medal The "John Brogan Memorial" Award for Best Saints Player This Season Medal Andy Jackson. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Andy Jackson
(30 Votes)
(Martin Hardie)

There was really little doubt who'd win this one as the youngster we'd all worried about last summer finally made the breakthrough at the start of the season to partner Kenny Deuchar and start banging in the goals for fun as he found his confidence in front of goal.
Second place went to Liam Craig who impressed since joining in December and improved greatly on the wing while in third with six votes was Gary Irvine - another new face from last summer but one who has made the right-back slot his own and become Mr Dependable.
Other votes came for Main and Deuchar with two apiece while Rustybitz gained a vote as did Allan McManus.
Nobody voted for Dyron Daal....

Medal The "Andy Brannigan Understudy" Award for Worst Saints Player This Season Medal Dyron Daal. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Dyron Daal
(14 Votes)
(Wullie McLaren)

....well until they got to this catefoy and even the rank rotten attitude of Wullie McLaren (second with nine votes) or the ineptitude of Greg Cameron in midfield (third with seven votes) wasn't enough to stop Dyron walking away with this award. Given the hope we had last summer, his lack of ability was almost painful to watch at times - no doubt he'll score against us this season as well.
Other votes went to Andy Lawrie, Barry Wilson, McManus, Stewart, Rocco, James, Cuthbert and a single vote for Goran Stanic.
There was still some room for optimism though with a vote for "There's no such thing".

Medal The "Vinny Arkins £5m In A Few Years" Award for the Most Improved Saints Player This Season Medal Andy Jackson. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Andy Jackson
(35 Votes)
(Steven Anderson)
Possibly the most predictable award with Jacko romping home with about 80% of the vote. Of course it does mean we expect a lot more from him next season!!
Second place was Kevin Moon with 8 votes and a midfielder with plenty of potential at the club (and more than a few fanatical devotees on the various forums). Other votes went for Liam Craig, Ando again and a single vote for Kevin Rutkiewicz - well I suppose it was like having a new player back in the side this season.
Medal The "Fat Keepers Memorial Rolex" Award for the Best Ambassador for the Club Medal Derek McInnes. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Derek McInnes
(19 Votes)
(Owen Coyle)
Well it has to be the McDiarmid equivalent of a Road to Damascus turnaround for the current gaffer. From being tolerated last season to suffering when things weren't going right earlier in the campaign (I'll come clean and say that his attitude at the CIS defeat left a bad taste in the mouth), Del wasn't everyone's choice as manager to take over after the sudden departure of Owen and Sandy Stewart but he's more than shown that he might have what it takes with sexy football back on the agenda and some excellent signings coming on board - I mean it's not even midsummer and we've practically got the squad in place for next year already.
Second place went to Alan Main with 9 votes and with Jim Weir having departed (despite almost getting a nomination...you know who you are!!), there were plenty of other names to pick from with Geoff Brown, Roddy Grant, Peaso, Jody, Jacko, James, last year's winner Owen Coyle, Paul Sheerin all nominated. Best vote for me though was simply for "The Whole Semi-Final Squad".
Medal The "Marble Staircase Story Revisited (Again)" Award for the Biggest Embarrassment for Saints Medal Dyron Daal. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Dyron Daal
(17 Votes)
(Geoff Brown's Outburst)
Bit of a surprise this one given that the votes usually go to some off-the-pitch event or personage. But big Dyron gets another award possibly because of the way he provided so much laughter to the opposition fans (remember Broadwood?).
Second place with eight votes was another ex-player with Wullie McLaren's strange behaviour and self-destructing attitude sealing his place in Saints folklore - and not in a nice way.
Elsewhere third place went more traditionally to the Brechin postponement because of the lighting failure in the main stand while losing to Clyde and Stirling both came in for mentions as did the wearing of white shirts (not a popular choice), admission prices, not beating Scumdee and a vote for the numpties that smashed up the toilets at Hampden at the semi-final. Must have been a pretty eventful season overall then!
Medal The "I Cant Be Bothered Typing Dinos Name Out In the Match Reports" Award for the Best Nickname of the Season Medal Kenny Deuchar. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Dr Goals
(7 Votes)
(Mad Mental Martin)
Loads to pick from but Kenny Deuchar's remarkable loan spell before returning to put Gretna out of its misery stuck in the memory of a few folk. Second place was last year's winner in Mad Mental Martin while other votes went for Peanut, Howard Moon, the classic "Tucuth", Jacko, Steptoe (John Stewart), Fat Dobbie, Rustybitz, Mooner, Peaso, Le Freak, James "I touch children" Grady and Rocco van Nistelrooy.
Best votes went to non-Saints related nicknames with Dundee Curier for Antoine-Curier and Grtna for dear departed Gretna (the £ has gone see?)
Medal The "Chirpy Cheeky Chick Charnley Red Card" Award for the Funniest Moment of the Season Medal Steven Anderson. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Anderson's Own Goal
(8 Votes)
(Andy Lawrie falling over sign)

Again heaps to pick from and despite early running for slagging off the media for their backtracking as Gr£tna imploded, that could only manage 2nd place as by two votes, Ando's brilliant piece of self-destruct defending against Morton wins through. Almost Donachie-esque in its execution, a simple square ball in defence in the opening stages of the game at McDiarmid saw him send the ball back past a floundering Alan Main. Ach well at least we got a point.
Other votes went to Ryan McCann's long-range cup goal against Dundee, getting a reaction from Halliwell as we slagged him in the 4-1 game, the Livi left-back arguing with the linesman in the 2nd Almondvale match, Deuchar's goal against Clyde, and two single votes for "The guy behind us at Hampden getting a bit over excited and losing his teeth" and "Alan Main's see-through white shorts"

Medal The "Fererro Rocher 'With These Players You Are Spoiling Us" Award for the Ideal Saints Side Medal Main, Irvine, Stanic, Morris, Rutkiewicz, James, Craig, Hardie, Jacko, Peaso, Swankie
(Cuthbert, Anderson, Stanic, James Rutkiewicz, Mensing, McInnes, Hardie, Scotland, Peaso, Sheerin)
Based purely on nominations there was a mixture of both 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 formations. Other than Stanic, and a mention for Rocco most of the sides were made up of regulars from last season with Swankie the only new signing deemed worthy of a start although there were a few votes for Chris Millar, Collin Samuel and Stuart McCaffrey.
Out of favour players included Sheerin, Anderson and Savo with Jacko the only consistent starter amongst the front men. Everyone expectes Mad Mental Martin back in the side along with Kevin James at the back. As for the more interesting nominations, one vote had the Irishman "O'Shitwedonthavealeftback" in place of Stanic and one entry had simply "Cuthbert in goal"
Medal The "Almost fit to lace Roddy's boots" Medallion for Best non-Saints Player in Scottish Football Medal Kevin McDonald
(10 Votes)
(Richard Offiong)
Yup a Dundee player wins this vote with the teenage Dens Park midfielder and all-round pain in the arse from last season the players we most admire. He wins out by two votes from ex-Saintee Stephen Dobbie with last season's winner Richard Offiong in third place. Other votes went to Gavin Swankie, and McArthur and McCarthy of Hamilton with Dorrans of Livi and Finlayson of Morton also mentioned. And one vote went to the entire Queen of the South cup side.
Medal The "Oleg Salenko" Medallion for Worst non-Saints Player in Scottish Football Medal Eddie Malone. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Eddie Malone
(8 Votes)
(James Grady)
Not an outright winner but his signing for Scumdee and all-round wankiness in the games against Saints sees Neddy get the nod by two votes from his manager Alex Rae in second place. Third place went to the Pars defensive giant Sol Bamba with another ex-Saintee in Simon Mensing in fourth.
Heaps of nominees though with votes cast for Mark Burchill, most of the Livi squad, John Stewart, James Grady, Stevie Crawford, Brian Wake, Craig Samson, Lee Make, Jim Thomson, Derek Lilley amongst others. One simple vote though went to "Anybody in Dundee colours"
Medal The County Sports Home Strip NameCheck for the Cult Hero of 2007-08 Medal Andy Jackson. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Andy Jackson
(10 Votes)
(Martin Hardie)
Again plenty nominations but youth player done good is always a sound bet and Jacko wins out by two votes ahead of Goran Stanic with Alan Main in third spot. Plenty of votes elsewhere with Morris, Deuchar, Peaso, Savo, Craig, Mooner, Irvine and Hardie all deemed worthy of a mention.
In the irony category though there were also three votes for Dyron Daal and a single vote for Wullie McLaren. Maybe some folk just can't read "cult" properly
Medal The East Stand Moaners Selection for Cult Hero of 2008-09 Medal Jody Morris. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Jody Morris
(14 Votes)
(Martin Hardie)

After arriving dramatically for a pay-as-you-play deal in spring, Jody has signed up permanently and his erm whole-hearted tackling and fighting spirit has already won plenty of admirers amongst the Saints support. He won out by four votes from Gavin Swankie, another new arrival who will hopefully see us rewriting the history books as per the days of Owen Coyle and Billy Dodds.
Third place went to Kevin Moon, a youngster of whom big things are expected next year with other nominations including Chris Millar, Peaso, Hardie, Euan McLean, Collin Samuel, Liam Craig, Jacko and strangest of them all "Ryan Stevenson"

The Media

Medal Award Medal And the Winner Is...
(Last year in brackets)
Other Nominees
Medal The "Danny Griffin Namecheck" Award for Best National Newspaper Coverage Medal The Sun
(18 Votes)
Yes we all hate the OF-drivel that comes out of the west coast tabloids, but it seems that the Sun's coverage is slightly more favourable (or accurate) where Saints are concerned - possibly because they are willing to cover the lower leagues just a wee bit more than their rivals.
Second and third places went to the Courier and PA - not strictly national papers but their websites are read everywhere. Other votes were for the Daily Record, Herald, Sunday Times, Scotsman and "None of them"
Medal The "Sky Comes to McD" Award for Best TV/Radio Saints Coverage Medal

Radio Scotland
(23 Votes)
(Radio Scotland)

Jim Bloody Traynor phone-ins and pundits suffering from OF-love-ins apart, the nightly sports coverage on Radio Scotland along with the Saturday sportsound wipes the floow with the opposition. Second place was Radio Tay with 8 votes with other nominations for Off The Ball, Real Radio, Sport Scotland, STV, Sky and best of all "Taggart" (which probably gave us the best audience on STV for the Saints mug!)

Medal The "Jim Griffin Namecheck" Award for Worst National Newspaper Coverage Medal Daily Record
(16 Votes)
(Daily Record)
It doesn't get any better for the Glaswegian tabloid. With some decent Saints coverage, they've suffered all season from poor updates to their website (although unlike the Sun they have one for Scottish football) and inaccurate reporting. And even when they do cover us it seems to be that prick John Traynor doing the reporting who cannot fail to get a snide wee dig in at the Saints fans no matter what happens on the park.
Second place went to the Sun with 8 votes with its Sunday paper News of the World third with 5 votes - mainly due to columnist Davie Provan's dig at us. Other votes went to the Daily Mail, Daily Star, Herald, Scotsman and five votes for "All of them"
Medal The "Cover the OF Instead" Award for Worst TV/Radio Saints Coverage Medal STV
(16 Votes)
Hee-bloody-haw coverage of the lower leagues and the drivel that is Andy Walker on their Champions League evenings mean this is a channel to avoid these days and clear weinner once more with double the votes of second place Radio Clyde. Elsewhere and plenty of nominations including Radio Scotland, Sky, Tay, Five Live, Setanta and one vote for "Partick Thistle TV" and their shall we say, enthusiastic commentator.
Medal Pundit / Reporter of the Year Medal Stuart Cosgrove
(13 Votes)
(Stuart Cosgrove)
Stuart wins through again thanks to his attempts to champion Saints at every opportunity in the glare that is the BBC media spotlight. Second place with seven votes was Richard Gordon whose post-match anchoring of the Sportsound programme after the win in Paris was sheer class. Third was another Saints connection with Allan Preston getting praise for his punditry and unlike the others showing some knowledge for what happens outwith the OF bubble.
Other votes went to Bill Leckie, Dougie Vipond, Billy Dodds, Jim Traynor, Tam Cowan, David Leggat, Gerry McNee, Craig Paterson and good old Jim Spence. No votes again for Shuggy Keevins or Davie Provan.
Medal The "Gerry" Hall of Fame for Worst Pundit / Reporter Medal Davie Provan
(15 Votes)
(Chic Young)
Not exactly unexpected after the sheepskin wearing target of Only an Excuse coming in for some deserved stick for his go at the wee teams (i.e. Saints) following the Hampden semi-final, a pool of verbal diarrohea so smelly that Stuart Cosgrove was motivated to reply to it in public the following week. Not since the days of Shuggy Keevins (one vote this yeaR) or Bill Leckie (0 votes) has an article fired us up so much.
All of which meant last year's award winner Chic the Pric was kept in second place with only 10 votes - still even that was 4 ahead of third place John "Saints fans are boring" Traynor. Other votes went to the predictable Jim Traynor, Murdo McLeod, Graeme "Britney" Spiers, Jim Spence, Archie MacPherson, Garth Crooks (a man who is to matchside interviews what Dyron Daal is to the Golden Boot), Charlie Nicholas and Davie Hay.
Medal The "Almost as Popular as the Pammy Video" Scroll for the Best WWW Site of the Season Medal WeArePerth Forum
(22 Votes)
(WeArePerth Forum)
Another clear winner for the forum (sadly off air just now) beating the Saints official site into 2nd place with the BBC in third and Pie and Bovril in 4th. No votes for the Temple this year either which must be a first!!! Oh aye and one vote for www.fateck.co.uk which is that rarity and un-bigoted humourous TFOD blog.

Off The Park

Medal Award Medal And the Winner Is...
(Last year in brackets)
Other Nominees
Medal The "Aggies Army" List of Season Ticket Holders 2007-08 Medal Yes - 38
No - 12
(Yes: 39 No: 31)
Fewer votes but a bigger proportion of season ticket holders voted this year.
Medal The "Sit Us Amongst The Bigots" Roll of Season Ticket Holders for 2008-09 Medal Yes - 37
No - 11
Maybe - 2
(Yes 41 No 28 Maybe 1)
This is interesting since it seems to fly in the face of the news from the club that season ticket applications are slightly up this year. Still perhaps both "Maybes" will renew anyway.
Medal The "Let them eat Pie" Barometer of Club / Fan Relationships for Last Season Medal Improved - 41
No Change - 3
Worsened -5
(62 / 2 / 6)
Again another vote for improved relations between the club and the fans possibly helped by the good feeling on and off the park. However there was some praise that perhaps the club are learning the PR game with the signings announced just before the semi-final to try and boost the numbers and the easing of prices for the less critical games.
Medal The "Worse Ratings than the SPL" PR Marks out of 10 Score Medal 7.021
Another big improvement in the PR score which can only be a good thing - alternatively taking the more traditional depressed Saintee view, the only way is down.
Medal The "Whitewash The Stand" List of Suggested Improvements to the Club Medal Lower Prices
(13 Votes)
(Better PR)
For once a clear winner in this category with lots of nominations but most looking to ease up on the admission prices as the cost of going to watch another dour encounter with Livi keeps on going up - that won out by 2 votes from a plea to get rid of Rock Steady as yet again the stewarding / policing problems have caused complaints at McDiarmid.Third place with 9 votes was a plea for the return to the blue shirts instead of the white affair we tolerated this year. Fourth place was a request from those of us located in the East Stand to get the bloody scoreboard moved so we can see it.
Other votes went for Blue seats, Student discounts, more pies, quieter tannoys, louder tannoys (we're nothing if not of a mixed opinion), improve the website, disband the business club, more fan interaction, a new mascot, a shop in the city centre a bookies for the East Stand, ball boys to get their act together and sell programmes online.
A couple of interesting ones though - "Make Geoff think before he speaks", a plea for Stewart Duff masks in the souvenir shop. Finally there were also several calls to resurrect the Federation although those who expressed an opinion were keen to ensure it wasn't dominated by a few individuals.

The Future

Medal Award Medal And the Winner Is...
(Last year in brackets)
Other Nominees
Medal The "Roddy or Ronaldo?" List of Players Saints Should Sign Medal Top 3 are ::
Jody Morris
(14 Votes)
Paul Dixon
(10 Votes)
Rocco Quinn
(8 Votes)
(Offiong, Mackay, Morais).
Well one out of three ain't bad as Meatloaf might have said. For a change there were plenty of names (and yes Ricky Bloody Gillies got a nostalgic vote!), rather than the usual "a goalie" etc. In terms of positions, we seem to be covered everywhere although a left-back is a priority and there are requests for a target man striker.
In terms of the other names we have Nick McKoy (the trialist from Cardiff that was up towards the end of the season), Lee dixon, McBreen, Sean O'Connor, Andrew Barrowman, Derek Holmes, Blair Hutton, Callum Davidson, Alan Gow, Offiong, Marek Thomma from Cowdenbeath.
On the witty side there were votes for "Anyone Dundee want just to piss them off" and "Ronaldo, all we need is a few trannies and he will play for the love of our jumper"
Medal The "Mystic Aggie" Prediction List for Next Season Medal League ::
Win it
(36 Votes)
League Cup ::
(19 Votes)
Scottish Cup ::
(20 Votes)
Challenge Cup ::
Win it
(27 Votes)
(Win It / Qtr Final / Qtr Final / Win It)
Expectations have been set this summer given our form last year and most of us expect a league win with only three people reckoning we'll finish outwith the top two of the First Division.
The cups are a bit less clearcut and a bit more realistic. Most went for a quarter-final placing in the CIS cup although there were 15 votes for a semi-final place and one person thinks we'll win it. The Scottish Cup has been kind to us in recent years but again it's hard to see us keeping that run going and a quarter-final is the expected level again (although one person reckons we're due to draw one of the Bigot Brothers in the 3rd round to end that run early).
The Challenge Cup is a totally different affair though - we've got a reputation to uphold and again the majority are expecting the trophy to still be at McDiarmid by the end of the campaign. Mind you that doesn't stop the pessimism from some folk and two votes went for an early departure at the hands of Ross County.
Medal The "Kenny MacDonald" Prediction for Most Promising Saintee Next Season Medal Kevin Moon. Photo copyright PPA (www.ppapix.co.uk). Used with permission.
Kevin Moon
(20 Votes)
(Andy Jackson)
As with Jacko this time last year, big things are expected of the Mooner next season. He's obviously highly-rated by Del but suffered towards the end of the season from a lack of confidence despite breaking his senior scoring duck and showing in patches that he has plenty of potential to make it at McDiarmid.
Other nominations went to Liam Craig with his impressive start to his Saints career expected to continue, and Jacko. Davie Weatherston, Steven Doris, Samuel, Millar, Morris and Irvine were also mentioned as was Euan McLean
Medal The "Steve H Pessimism" Vote on Saints Future Medal More Optimistic
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Less Optimistic
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A bit less optimism (or is that more realism) in the result this year but even so there is still a good feeling about the club and plenty of hope and faith that Del and the boys can finally give us that championship. If nothing else we're going to have some laughs on the way.....
As usual thanks to all the folk that votes and bothered to read this far....

That's it until next year..........................

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