Welcome to the 8th Annual TOSSAs (Temple Of Saints Survey Awards). Take a few minutes to reflect on the last season's glories and disappointments and send in your answers to the questions below. The Gnomes Of The Temple will collect all the results and post the awards over the close season.
If you're interested in previous results, click here for the results from 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.
Cheers, Richard

If you want to do it offline then download this text file and add your answers.

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TOSSA 2005


  1. Best home match of the Season .
  2. Best away match of the Season.
  3. Worst home match of the Season
  4. Worst away match of the Season
  5. Goal of the Season
  6. Save of the Season
  7. Biggest Disappointment of the Season
  8. Most Satisfying Moment / Event
  9. Best Opposition for entertainment value
  10. Best Away Ground Visited
  11. Best Thing to Happen to Scottish Football this season
  12. Worst Thing to Happen to Scottish Football this season
  13. Song / Chant of the Season
  14. Best Referee of the Season
  15. Worst Referee of the Season
  16. Most Loathed Person / Institution of the Season


  17. Saints Best Player Of The Season
  18. Saints Worst Player Of The Season
  19. Most Improved Saints Player
  20. Best Ambassador for the Club
  21. Biggest Embarrassment to Saints
  22. Nickname of the Season
  23. Funniest Moment
  24. Ideal Current Saints Side
  25. Best 1st Division non-Saintee
  26. Worst 1st Division non-Saintee
  27. Cult Hero for 2004-2005?
  28. Cult Hero for Next Season?


  29. Best National Newspaper for Saints Coverage
  30. Best TV/Radio for Saints Coverage
  31. Worst National Newspaper for Saints Coverage
  32. Worst TV/Radio for Saints Coverage
  33. Best Reporter / Pundit
  34. Worst Reporter / Pundit
  35. Footie-Related WWW Site of the Year (excluding the Temple)


  36. Do you have a season ticket?
  37. Will you renew it / buy one next year?
  38. Has the clubs relationship with fans improved / got worse since last summer?
  39. Out of 10 how do you rate the club's PR.
  40. What 3 improvements would you make to the club
  41. Will Owen Coyle get us promotion?
  42. Should Geoff Brown go now?


  43. Who do you think we should realistically sign ?
  44. Where do you think we will finish up in the League next season?
  45. Where do you think we will finish up in the League Cup next season?
  46. Where do you think we will finish up in the Scottish Cup next season?
  47. Where do you think we will finish up in the Challenge Cup next season?
  48. Most promising Saintee for next season
  49. Are the youth players getting enough opportunities at Saints?
  50. What tactical changes would you get the manager to make?
  51. Are you more or less optimistic about Saints future than this time last season?

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